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  1. Lmao. No no no no. Are you kidding me. JT Miller has been epic for us. I hope this is your last idea.
  2. And that has got what to do with the topic.
  3. Gotta love the fact that so many of you have already found him guilty. Nothing has been proven yet. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. bunch of keyboard judges on here. Even the Canucks have found him guilty.
  4. Every time I come on here there seems to be another ridiculous trade idea for the Canucks involving one of their star players. for the love of all that is holy give it a break. I can see you put a lot of effort into this, but come on why are we trying to trade our major assets. Yes yes yes trying to make the team better I get that, but we should be building around these players not trading them. We need a solid defensive defenceman to play with Quinn, that way he can still play the roll he was meant to play, not get rid of him. Come on everyone how about a well thought out trade that builds
  5. What is going on with some of these ridiculous trades. Thank goodness none of you are the Canucks GM we’d be the laughing stock of the league. Come put down the keyboard and give it a rest. Please.
  6. Would you agree that defenceman generally take longer to mature. Fox is an anomaly just like Makar. Why on earth would trade a 21 year old defenceman with a ton of upside for a 29 year old just coming off major back surgery. It just doesn’t make sense. At all.
  7. I’m sorry. But ha ha ha ha ha they can keep subban. I wouldn’t trade a bucket of pucks for that guy. Way to many defensive end mistakes.
  8. So one season of Subban then cut him lose ok so we’d be on the hook for an extra 3 million this year. We are already getting close to the cap and we haven’t signed Petey or Quinn and what about Dickinson he’s going to arbitration and that could be good or bad. So where exactly do we find this extra 3 million to get these guys signed.
  9. No no no no no no. Myers is far superior to Subban. I’ve never ever been a fan of subban , he’s not someone I’d want in the canucks locker room.
  10. No thanks hard pass. As for swinging for the fences you didn’t even hit an infield sac fly. Keep trying you’ll hit a good trade sooner or later.
  11. No I was talking about Mike Richards caught with drugs at the border and LA just fired him. I had forgotten about Voynov.
  12. Absolutely agree. If he’s found not guilty he has some kind of value in a package deal. If he’s not then we just buy him out. although this would be a similar situation to the LA kings forward (name escapes me right now) didn’t they just void his contract. Not sure
  13. Well your up to your old tricks again. Something to think about what if this is Dhalen at his best and what if podkolzin is the power forward we’ve been looking for. We trade him now I can hear Boston laughing there behinds off. It’s Neely all over again. No let’s give the kid a chance, leave things as they are. Let’s not make trades based on chance and making trades for the sake of making a trade.
  14. And My invisible magic ball is telling me that the Canucks are trading Loui E straight up for Mitch Marner. Lol
  15. Please stop. Turn off your computer it’s over. You’ve had some decent trade ideas but lately you’ve really gone down hill.
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