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  1. I’m just going to say it Brad Marchand
  2. Karlsson to Tampa pending trade call...? 

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Karlsson to Vancouver for Hughes, Boeser, Horvat, and two 1sts. 

    3. Alflives


      @Tortorella's Rant

      and we take Bobby Ryan’s contract too!  :lol:

      I agree with you.  All these “rumors” are just that ... rumours.

      Love the humour!

    4. canuktravella


      are u kidding me tortorella no way  im trading a young elite winger a second line center a potential number 2 dman and 2 firsts for a almost out of prime dman  hard pass 

  3. shoutout to the canucks discord channel

  4. I think Pettersson will enter the NHL at ~185 and will fill out to 195 in his mid 20s. I may be crazy but I genuinely believe he can reach 200. This kid is so incredibly thin, there is so much potential for growth on that 6'2 frame. If RNH can go from 165 to 190+, I don't think Pettersson will have a problem with it. Our boys in the past few years have all developed very nicely. Horvat, Boeser and Juolevi have all been able to get noticeably bigger, stronger, and faster. I think Pettersson is in very good hands.
  5. Drafting McCann definitely wasn't a waste. I'd swap 24 and 33 for a top 4 Dman any day.
  6. I think Benning has a powerplay/OFD in his top 5. There's a very real possibility that we are drafting Heiskenan/Makar/Liljegren
  7. Hopefully he has a productive summer. No post-draft media obligations, just pumping iron and eating well.
  8. Tarasenko is built like a brick house
  9. The same people disappointed in Juolevi's development would've been disappointed in Hampus Lindholm's development as well if he were a Canuck player. If you expect a fish to climb a tree, it will disappoint you every time. If Benning wanted a guy that went 100 mph like Subban, he would've drafted Sergachev. Instead, he opted for the safe, two-way guy in Juolevi. Benning knows exactly what he got.
  10. I'm going to assume you're Irish because of your name
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