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  1. I think Pettersson will enter the NHL at ~185 and will fill out to 195 in his mid 20s. I may be crazy but I genuinely believe he can reach 200. This kid is so incredibly thin, there is so much potential for growth on that 6'2 frame. If RNH can go from 165 to 190+, I don't think Pettersson will have a problem with it. Our boys in the past few years have all developed very nicely. Horvat, Boeser and Juolevi have all been able to get noticeably bigger, stronger, and faster. I think Pettersson is in very good hands.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, wai_lai416 said:

    all i wish for this draft is a player that will make an impact and can play in the top 6... so far Benning's drafting ability in the 1st round is nothing to write home about.. already wasted 2 first rounders in virtanen and mccann and passed on players that had far better NHL success.. passed on Tkachuk for Juolevi last year.. Juolevi can still be great but watching Tkachuk developing and playing nicely in Calgary hurts while Juolevi looked average in the OHL last year.. imagine if we drafted better with our 1st round picks the last couple years.. we'd be so much further ahead in the rebuild

    Drafting McCann definitely wasn't a waste. I'd swap 24 and 33 for a top 4 Dman any day. 

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  3. 26 minutes ago, two drink minimum said:

    Yeah its called a 19 year old in his first full NHL season. Happens all the time. Even veteran NHL'ers have slumps. Think it through before you post this kind of lunacy man.


    I hate defending Flames plyers...makes me wanna puke



    24 minutes ago, Hutton Wink said:

    For a second there I thought you were talking about Jake last year, but he wasn't cut such slack.

    19 year old Sam Bennett 

  4. The same people disappointed in Juolevi's development would've been disappointed in Hampus Lindholm's development as well if he were a Canuck player. If you expect a fish to climb a tree, it will disappoint you every time. If Benning wanted a guy that went 100 mph like Subban, he would've drafted Sergachev. Instead, he opted for the safe, two-way guy in Juolevi. Benning knows exactly what he got. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, The 5th Line said:


    Down 2-1 to the Czechs he was not on the ice in the last minute.


    Of course you wouldn't take any other D man over Olli, he's probably the only defenceman you know anything about and he is a Canucks prospect.. Valimaki and Saarijarvi have far superior Junior numbers playing on far less superior teams.  How is it the coaches fault for wanting them on the ice?  




    Seeing as Juolevi is a year younger and was chosen captain over Saarijarvi, I don't think I am the only one who would choose Juolevi. Valimaki is not on the same level has Juolevi either. However, I see your point as I would choose those two to score over Juolevi. My point was that Juolevi is a safer defenseman and is multi-dimensional. I would trust Juolevi to protect a lead and I wouldn't be scared to have Juolevi in any situation. I probably didn't choose my wording carefully. 

  6. Just now, The 5th Line said:


    Like physically have I seen what he looks like?  Yes I have.  


    I'm sick of using a coach as a scapegoat, at some point the player needs to take the blame.  Any time one of our players and/or prospects does poorly their coach always takes the blame.  My comments above referenced Virtanen in Calgary.  Posters here riped the coach for not using him properly.  Jake couldn't do anything on a line with Connor McJesus and can't seem to do much with pro players eithers.  Stop blaming the damn coach, just because you saw a few people on HF write negative things about him doesn't mean he's a bad coach, it just means their team is doing poorly and somebody needs to take the blame


    I said Juolevi is the type of guy coaches can trust with a minute left. You quoted me and said he wasn't on the ice with a minute left for the past couple games. Well, there isn't a single defenceman I'd take over Juolevi on that Finnish roster and I'd say Juolevi being named captain is a testament to that. Not putting the captain on the ice in the final minute is questionable. I'm not using the coach as a scapegoat, I just think his deployment of players is questionable and many others would agree with me. FWIW, Juolevi was on the ice in the Czech game. 

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  7. It's very easy to look at guys like Ehlers, Drouin or Keller and be excited about their 2 ppg in the Q or their dazzling highlight reels but often times it's the quiet, subtle guys that help win games. Juolevi won't show up in the "top 10 plays of the week" very often but he makes everybody around him better and when there's a minute left on the clock, coaches know there's that one guy they can always trust. Juolevi is that guy. Take the Sharks' playoff run for example. It's easy to see what Burns brings to the game but what about a guy like Vlasic? Tanev is probably the most boring player in the league but 29 other GMs would love to have him on their team. Tkachuck is going to be a phenomenal player but don't sleep on Juolevi. "Vanilla" is necessary sometimes. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, taxi said:

    A good physio or even a GP should be able to identify the problem pretty quickly. Is it only when you move or all the time. 


    I had a similar pain when moving my arm, and it turned out to be an impingement. Basically, my shoulder blades were not in the proper position, which resulted in the bones pinches on the tendons and other tissues.

    It's only when I move it. It sounds similar to your situation, I've always had very minor shoulder problems where it felt like there's a bit of friction if that makes any sense. 

  9. Just now, Gooseberries said:

    I gethink something like this when I lift. Does it kind of go from the back right of your neck down do almost your elbow?

    nope, it's only directly under the deltoid. Yours sounds pretty serious :P

  10. so a couple weeks ago I had a pretty solid workout (chest day), and I didn't notice anything wrong. When I woke up the next morning however, I noticed a sharp pain in my left shoulder. It's definitely not my deltoid but directly under it, perhaps my rotator cuff? After 3-4 days the pain went away and I continued lifting again. About 3-4 days ago, the pain came back but when I woke up this morning, it went away again. Does anybody know what the problem is? I always make sure I have very good form. I'm on a mass building program right now so I'm not really lifting very heavy. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, Odd. said:

    He also went on to say that he doesn't want to gain too much weight as it'll affect his skating speed.


    Juolevi is 6'3 179 lbs. I think he'll top off 6'3 200lbs. For an offensive defenseman, that's pretty good.


    I doubt Hammer is 210 as of right now though, he lost a ton of weight when he got injured. 

    I always assumed hammer was 198-200~ even in his peak


    Yea I think Juolevi's height will allow him to skate comfortably with 200 lbs which is quite solid. 

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