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  1. Many elite NHL players have come from the NCAA as well. He is saying the average age of the players in the NCAA is higher than the average age in the CHL. The players in the NCAA are more physically mature and have had time to develop their skill. Imagine the overagers (20 year olds) in the CHL that just absolutely dominate and out-produce the younger guys (Dane Fox-64 goals) but go on to play in the ECHL. It's the same thing in the NCAA but the players are 21-22 years old so as you can imagine, these guys are significantly better than the 18/19 year old freshmen/sophomores. The competition in
  2. This site will literally crash if we get a 1st/top prospect for one of our vets... 

    1. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      then we've got nothing to worry about haha

    2. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      Let's hope so...

  3. Just hopped onto HF for the first time in a while and saw B2M... The trolls around here are getting pretty weak. They need to see how a professional troll does it

    1. Lil B From The Pack
    2. Toews


      I don't know, B2M was never good troll for me. A good troll just gets everyone riled up and is good at derailing topics and annoying people at a mass scale. The last good one I remember was KingofES.

    3. Toni Zamboni

      Toni Zamboni

      ahhh yes, bure to mogilny ....has he learned how to spell yet or is that still his schtick?

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  4. Not sure if the video was laggy or if Gaunce just became the next Bure... That was some impressive speed
  5. Do jussi me jokinen here? 

    1. AV.


      Olli wanted to do was jokinen a little.

  6. Jost has committed to UND next year so there's another top prospect heading there. North Dakota has an excellent program and a tremendous facility. Boeser wants to stay and it will give him another year to build strength.
  7. Really, he just needs to improve his skating and gain some weight. He'll refine the other areas of his game through coaching and experience. If he can improve his skating like Horvat, I have no doubt this kid will become an absolute monster.
  8. She looks like his older sister
  9. Never wish for a kid's career to bust
  10. Early Stanley cup predictions? 

    1. Pears


      My money's on Washington. They're just on a whole other level right now with Holtby playing out of his mind. 

    2. JV77
    3. thejazz97
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  11. It's early January. Like every other year, the hype is still all about the top end guys. When we start approaching the draft, you will hear more about potential pickups in the later rounds
  12. Yep, I don't know if it's because we don't have a strong team this year but this tournament has not been as fun to watch
  13. I don't think it's about the numbers, but about his progression since being drafted. He's a returning 19 year old and he's playing quite poorly. If he played like the way Puljujarvi did last year, we'd be absolutely thrilled... who cares about the numbers. He's just making too many amateur mistakes. His shot looks worse than it was when we drafted him, he isn't skating as hard, and he hasn't been generating enough chances against players in his age group. Certainly, he has time to turn things around, but until we actually start seeing changes in his game, it's fair to criticize him. As a power
  14. yes, what a great idea to call 911!
  15. I was so immersed in my movie, I thought somebody was just shaking my chair.
  16. Jake underperformed today. It really didn't matter if the whole team struggled. It's just a poor excuse. As returning player, he needs to lead. As for his hockey IQ, I've been saying this all along, Jake does not have good hockey IQ. He is constantly out of position and doesn't know what to do without the puck. However, we didn't draft him expect him to think like Crosby. He needs to use his speed to be effective on the forecheck. He needs to be the most physically dominant player on the ice day in day out. He needs to learn to use his shot effectively. He needs to use all the physical tools h
  17. what I love most is his character. He plays with heart, lays his body on the line and sticks up for teammates. He may not be the biggest but he simply doesn't care. Yes, his numbers are low but coming off the injury and transitioning to the pro game, we knew it would be a challenge. It's different from junior, he's going to work towards filling a more specific role. Don't expect huge numbers from this guy but give it a few years and I'd feel very comfortable with a 3rd line with Gaunce and Cassels
  18. Hamonic's great but I think Demko will have a much greater impact for us down the line.
  19. Won this week thanks to an empty netter... 

    1. Edlerberry


      haha best way to win. enjoy your week of well deserved gloating::D

  20. Is Crosby waking up any time soon? 

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      AS long as he doesnt have the same alarm clock ovie has he should be good

    2. Gstank29


      I have him in my hockey pool but i'm still first regardless of how my number 1 pick is doing

  21. virt's playoff totals aren't exceptional either...
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