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  1. So... what's up with Anaheim... 

    1. Jam126


      ^ I seriously cannot imagine.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      ^ if he waits much longer it will have to be a "combover" from a mustache

    3. Jam126
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  2. Bhutt should have no problem putting on a few extra pounds of muscle without affecting his speed too much. Karlsson is a couple inches shorter and a few pounds heavier but he can still fly. One of Hutton's main weaknesses is getting beat along the boards. Other than that, he has surpassed everybody's expectations by a mile.
  3. From college to the AHL and finally to the NHL, he's going to have some of the best goalie coaches along the way. Combine that with his tremendous athleticism and work ethic, it's very hard to imagine him busting.
  4. honestly, is it a good idea to take Kane? My draft is soon

    1. asian player

      asian player

      Any chance this whole thing will affect his performance?

    2. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      Kane will beast, especially with Panarin.Pick up Panarin too if you can after a few rounds.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Nope. Partying did nothing to affect his game. If he's innocent and I'd wager he is, then he won't trail off.

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  5. Not when our guys drop like flies.
  6. Giving him a spot on the Canucks would be a mistake IMO. He's not ready and he still has a lot to do and learn, even in the junior level. He will have an opportunity to start the season healthy, play a big role in the WJC, and maybe end the season with Utica. This is probably best for his development.
  7. Brisebois has tools that give him a chance to set his own ceiling. He has smooth skating, high hockey IQ, and decent hands. Those things already give him the opportunity to succeed. He has good height and good reach. He's still a matchstick right now, if he packs on more muscle, that will allow him to do even more. Chances are, he will be lucky to be as good as Tanev. However, he has to tools to be more. With some good coaching, training, and development, you never know. He sees himself as a Marc-Edourd Vlasic type of guy. If he can come close to being a Vladic, we just hit jackpot.
  8. At least we now know not everybody has been exposed to Desi. There's hope for the few
  9. The fact that he couldn't even participate in the prospects camp shows how much of a warrior he was in the Playoffs for the Gens. This is a guy we need going forward. Now let's talk about his facial expressions...
  10. Doesn't matter. He won't clear anyways
  11. must've really botched the interviews
  12. this picture perfectly describes Jake Virtanen
  13. This pick screams meat and potatoes
  14. I assume Boeser was the last of Benning's 4 and he didn't want to risk losing him. Benning stayed true to his word and picked the best available, or who was highest on his list. I see Virtanen as a top 6 winger and I think Kassian has what it takes to be a top 6 forward as well. This means we could potentially have 3 very good wingers on the right side. Luckily, Boeser won't be ready for a while so we have to time assess things.
  15. I want to time travel to tomorrow morning. The night is too long
  16. Don't judge Carlo off of that one video. He's a draft eligible player playing in a U20 tournament. He does not know his limits yet and he does not want to lose his coach's trust. Like any young player, he dumped pucks away early, didn't know his sense of timing in the bigger stage. As he matures, as he earns the coach's trust, and as he becomes the go-to guy, he will hold onto pucks longer, look to make more plays, and take more shots. However, he still needs to pack on more weight and play bigger. His combination of size, skating, and smarts will allow him to be a very good player in the NHL.
  17. The GM doesn't make that decision?
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