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  1. It’s all Newell Brown fault.
  2. It’s amazing what the Braves are doing without one of their best offensive threats and their ace. It’s like the Jays without Vlad Jr. and Ray.
  3. Despite Chychrun being a minus-9. He has only allowed 3 high danger goals against, and has only committed 3 turnovers. He also has a respectable corsi rating at 50% even, playing major of his minutes against the opponent’s top line. While being deployed in the defensive zone 53% of the time on the ice. The Coyotes are a terrible team, to put it lightly. They’re dead last in goals for and against. None of the blame should fall on Chychrun.
  4. Hughes plays on the PK? He has a total of 6 minutes on the PK, in his entire NHL career.
  5. Well, I guess I’m cheering for the Braves, now. Go Freddie Freeman!
  6. As he should be, considering he’s our highest paid defensemen. Team was on the PP. He shouldn’t be that gassed out.
  7. Hughes need to work on his conditioning. Dude, looks gassed during that interview. (Assuming that interview took place 2-5 minutes after the 2nd ended).
  8. Well, I mean Chychrun already has had two major surgeries. One on his shoulder, and the other on his knee. He also missed a ton a games throughout his NHL career, with back tightness. Last year, was his only “full” year in the league. So, it isn’t like he’s been lucky with his injuries.
  9. I don’t really buy the injuries excuse when a guy like Chychrun who was injured going into his draft year, is looking like a Norris calibre defensemen, right now.
  10. Tampa also has Mathieu Joseph and while Tampa didn’t draft Sergachev or Cernek, they did went through their developmental system. Same goes for those guys who went undrafted that played a pivot part for their organization (Johnson, Rutta, Gourde, Paquette).
  11. Go Giants @Gollumpus! How can you not cheer for them? They’re a bunch of old smucks, all playing like they’re in their prime years.
  12. Pearson, OEL (if he doesn’t live up to expectations), Myers, Halak. Hughes will get overlook based on his offense, but if he doesn’t improve on his defense. I could see a lot of people turning on him (if not already)
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