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  1. Wasted opportunity for the Jays to gain some ground today. Red Sox were idle today. While the Yankees, Rays, and the Mariners all loss.
  2. Turner is signed for another year and provides the Jays with another guy who can get on base. Scherzer would be a rental, but he’s a more established pitcher than Berrios. This trade would have killed two birds with one stone.
  3. Yeah, I’m not sure if I like this trade either. Especially, when the Dodgers got Turner AND Scherzer for two of Washington’s top prospects.
  4. I don’t think it was possible to hate a team more than the Yankees, then the Dodgers come swooping in.
  5. Werenski was undoubtedly CBJ best defensemen by a far margin. If Jones got 9M, Werenski certainly deserve that type of money as well.
  6. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Kid seem pretty humble. Which is why I think Raptors picked him over Suggs.
  7. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I wonder if this means Siakam is being shopped?
  8. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I guess they’re comfortable with Malachi as their PG.
  9. The Jets were essentially force to play Poolman 20 minutes that series because DeMelo was injured in game 1. Previously, Poolman only averaged 17 minutes a game, in the Oilers series.
  10. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    The asking price for Simmons, knowing Philly is desperate to trade him away, is comical. OG, Fred, Lowry, and the 4th overall pick. Wiggins, Wiseman, 7th, 14th overall pick and two future first round picks. Dejounte Murray and 4 1st round picks.
  11. Depends on Demko standing on his head every night. I still say we give up a ton of quality shots. While we have better depth on the backend, then last year. The defense is still barely passable as a playoff team. OEL - Banking on him to have a resurgent season. Myers/Hamonic/Poolman - are probably 4th/5th defensemen on a contenting team. Hughes - Needs to learn how to play defense Schenn/Hunt - borderline 5th/6th defensemen
  12. While Richards has been okay for the Jays. Tellez is absolutely killing for the Brewers. BA: .357 HR: 3 OBP: 457 OPS: 1.171 He also has more walks than strikeouts.
  13. I don’t want to give Drury any ideas (not that he’s wandering on these boards), but if I were the Rangers, I’ll give Pettersson that 10M dollar offer sheet. They’re the one team that can afford to lose all those picks.
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