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  1. Good news; the Jays came back and won the game. Bad news; so did everyone else that they are chasing (aside from the Rays).
  2. Are the Jays really going to waste away this MVP season from Guerrero?
  3. Jones is a good player, but certainly not worth what he’s going to get on the open market. His level of play have been regressing every year and that’s not a good sign for a guy in his prime.
  4. The Jays must have mistaken today’s game as batting practice.
  5. All the advance metrics says he’s pretty bad in his own end. One of the highest GA/60. Leads defensemen in high danger goals against. 5th in high danger scoring chance against. Tied for 10th amongst defensemen in giveaways. On-ice save percentage below .900. Obviously, playing on one of the worst defensive team doesn’t help those numbers, but you can’t ignore that he had a terrible time this season, in his own end.
  6. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Don’t sleep on the Hawks. That team, like Utah are deep as expletive.
  7. Not that surprising on Marner, considering he’s has a prominent role on the Leafs’ PK unit. Also, since entering the league, he’s 4th in takeaways, only behind Stone, McDavid, and Slavin.
  8. Which lineup (excluding pitching) would you rather have? This current one or the 2015 Blue Jays.
  9. I think you’re thinking of Forsberg. To my knowledge Sakic was NEVER available, and even stated he doesn’t like the idea of play in his hometown due to the pressure.
  10. Panarin is actually the highest paid winger, and he couldn’t even take his team into the playoffs since signing with the Rangers. Despite his team winning the draft lottery twice these past two years. I’m not justifying he’s worth his contract, (according to @jfreshhockey) his market value is 9.3M, but I think a lot of people are really undervaluing Marner as a player. He’s amongst atop in most offensive categories along the best of the best. Marner has been doing this kind of stuff since his junior’s days. He’s a motor in the offensive zone, causing turnovers. So
  11. This video proves otherwise. FYI, he led his team in takeaways with 53, that puts him 5th in the entire league.
  12. I bet you were one of those fans that ragged on the Sedins’ and Naslund’s lack of playoffs performances during their first few years. Not everyone can be a Toews, Crosby, Sakic, or Yzerman. Some take longer to dial up a notch in the playoffs, while some simply hit the “on” switch right away. Even hockey legends like Dionne and Esposito (in his earlier years) were notorious for choking in the playoffs. We’ve seen what Marner can do in the playoffs. He was probably the Leafs’ best player in that Bruins series two years ago. These two past playoffs runs shouldn’t be an indication of him
  13. LOL, really? Thornton was 36 when he led his team to the finals. Henrik was 29. Marner is 24.
  14. There’s more to “relying on your linemates to get you points.”. Marner is one of the best playmaker in the league (35 primary assists). Only McDavid ranks higher in primary assists. Joe Thornton and Henrik Sedin, two of the best modern day playmakers, took 11.7% and 10.8% of their team’s cap. Both signed their contracts, when they were over 30 years old. Toronto is banking on Marner to continue to be that elite playmaker throughout his contract. Which is more than likely since he hasn’t even hit his prime years, unlike the former two.
  15. Yeah, I’m sure if he were terrible in his own end, he wouldn’t be leading his team in SH minutes (amongst forwards). He’s also 7th in the league (amongst wingers), in that category. Marner isn’t a goal scorer. You can’t put the blame on him, when your linemates can’t put the puck in the net. This game alone, he created 3 good scoring chances that Hyman couldn’t bury.
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