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    NBA Discussion

    I like Drummond the person, but he’s a below average center, who can only get you rebounds. If you compare him to similar players alike (ie: Capela, Robinson, Gobert, Jordan, etc) all of them are shooting above 55% on the field. While Drummond is at a dismal 47%. His career average is 53%. That’s not a good percentile when you’re only shooting 2ft-5ft away from the basket. Cousins is too injury prone and a turnover machine. John Collins is a player I would look at. Rumour has it that he and Young do not get along and the Hawks are willing to listen to offers. His price might be steep, but he’s in the same age group as the Raptors’ core players. He may be too small to play at the 5, but he can stretch the floor and is a better scoring option than anyone who is currently occupying the center position, atm. Next year’s lineup: PG - FVV SG - Flynn/Davis SF - OG PF - Siakam C - Collins
  2. I suggested Hughes+ for Severson and Ty Smith and practically got the same response. I don’t know how much of a downgrade Smith is offensively. The kid has 8 points in 13 games (6 of those points are at ES) while playing on the 3rd worst offensive team in the league.
  3. If I had to put money on who is more likely to leave, it’s Quinn. At some point in their careers, the Hughes brothers would want to play together, whether it’s here or somewhere else remains to be seen.
  4. How so? When Linden took over, the team had no direction and was a total mess. Hampered with NTC, aging stars, and a shallow prospect pool. He drastically improved the scouting system by hiring a former scout as GM and promoted Brackett. Signed one of the top FA in Ryan Miller, and while Willie D was somewhat a disappointment. He did improve the team standings by 20 points from the previous year and revitalize the Sedins’ career. As for other teams asking for his service? Maybe he just wants to step away from hockey and enjoy life as it is? He got a young son now, and has his own businesses to run.
  5. Even if they were losing on purpose. No one is going to admit it, especially to the media.
  6. You clearly missed the focal point of the argument. You said, the problem was hiring Linden, because he had no prior front office experience. Lou also didn’t have any experience prior to being hired by the Devils in 1989. Yet, he still was successful at building that dynasty team despite being a “rookie” president. Like the old saying goes, we all gotta start somewhere.
  7. Yes. Neither of them had previous NHL front office experience before taking the job. Linden was also the president for the NHLPA for quite sometime.
  8. You know who else had no previous experience? Lou Lamoriello and he built that New Jersey dynasty team.
  9. Beagle was brought in to win faceoffs and kill penalties. I knew the day he signed that contract, it was a horrendous deal, especially for a guy who was pushing 34 yrs old. But hey, who cares right? Because he won a Cup and we had cap space, at that time
  10. It’s not Canuck luck. He came from one of the best puck possession team to one of the worst. His defensive play was bound to regress.
  11. Marchand - Crosby - Bergeron McDavid - Point - MacKinnon Tavares - O’Reilly - Marner Horvat - Couturier - Stone Stamkos/Scheifele Theodore - Pietrangelo Reilly - Weber Parayko - Makar Doughty Price Kuemper Hart
  12. Begs to question where does Grich fits in? Before this signing, he was pegged to split time with Rowdy as our DH/outfielder. This was a solid pickup for a former MVP candidate, but the Jays desperately need some arms in the rotation. This signing all but ends the Bauer to Jays, but I’m still hoping we can pickup some quality starters (re-up Walker, Takana, Paxton). Also this:
  13. He came from one of the best puck possessions team in Vegas to one of the worst, last season. His defensive play was bound to drop a bit, playing on a weaker team.
  14. They can still sign Bauer without going over the luxury tax.
  15. I mean, isn’t that what people want? Replacing our veterans guys with bad contracts, with rookies? This is the results, when we do that
  16. Personally, I would have just thrown the money at Bauer, and rolled with LGJ, Grich, Teo, and Biggio as the outfielders. Maybe sign Jackie Bradley Jr. as insurance. Technically, they can still sign Bauer, but the Jays need more help in their starting rotation than at the plate.
  17. Not that I’m sexist or anything, but I don’t think there’s a single women sportscaster out there that isn’t cringey on the mic.
  18. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Nets should trade Kyrie for Westbrook and reunite the OKC three.
  19. Difference is.......Bo wasn’t on a partial breakaway and actually got a shot off on net. McDavid blew by Hamonic, got slashed/hooked from behind and didn’t get a shot off. You could make a case that Bo deserve a penalty off that play. Although, it was a 50/50 play.
  20. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Raps are 2-8 after another loss tonight. In those 8 losses, 6 of them they led by double digits going into the 4th quarter. They sorely miss Gasol and Ibaka.
  21. I’m not one to defend Messier for what he did to this franchise, but at least Messier was somewhat productive (offensively) for a 37 yrs old, during his time here. Can’t really say the same for Eriksson, who was coming off a 30 goals season, in Boston.
  22. As good as Lindor is.....he’s practically a rental player. That package the Mets gave up would be the equivalent to the Jays giving up Biggio, Groshans, Simeon-Woods, and Martinez. Would rather just keep Biggio and Groshans and not risk of Lindor not re-signing with the Jays.