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  1. If Buffalo takes on both LE and Roussel’s contract. I’m all for giving up our first this year. That would be 9M of dead cap space off our books. Probably have to add Juolevi as well. The first round pick, does really fit the timeline of our core players. Unless we get extremely lucky, I’d say it will take that prospect a few good years to make an impact with our club (3-4 years tops). Patient isn’t on Benning’s side right now. He need to make some huge gamble or he’s going to be out of a job.
  2. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    If the Trailblazers have to play in the play-in tournament and happen to lose. They can thank the refs for gift wrapping tonight’s game to the Suns for them.
  3. I don’t know how you guys feel about Pearson, but I think they kind of rushed him into the big leagues. He needs a full year in the Buffalo. Let him dominate in Triple A, call him back up in September when you can expand the roster, and let him work out of the bullpen.
  4. Never really was a fan of the pick to begin with (Chychrun or Keller were the ones I wanted), but was satisfied as he was a safe bet on becoming a serviceable NHL player. Looking back though, watching his peers around him grow into impact players for their clubs. Kind of stings a bit, especially when there wasn’t really a consensus top defensemen in the draft.
  5. Barring getting the two top picks, I wouldn’t mind trading our first this year, if it meant Buffalo taking on both Loui’ and Roussel’s contracts. Probably have to add in Juolevi as well.
  6. If you’ve seen Sabres games, there’s a reason there isn’t a winning culture in that organization and it has little to do with the front office. You can’t fault management when they gave him more talents to work with and what’s the results? Nothing. Maybe Eichel should look in the mirror himself. His compete level is the equivalent to Virtanen’s. Take away his offensive talents and you practically have Jake Virtanen. He’s literally the most overrated player in the league.
  7. I’m not going to act like Hughes is untouchable, because he isn’t. No one on our current roster should feel like they are untouchable. There are plenty of players at I can think of, that I would move Hughes for and Matthew Tkachuk isn’t one of them.
  8. What Buchnevich did to Mantha is a lot worse than what Wilson did to Panarin. Buchnevich used a legit weapon intending to injure Mantha. Wilson was wrestling with Panarin and threw him down which happens all the time in hockey scrums.
  9. Freeman and Rizzo, two of the most likeable guys in baseball, just having fun.
  10. Hughes gives the puck away, leads to a goal - blame Baumgartner Hughes pinch on play, leads to odd man rush - blame Baumgartner Hughes out of position, leads to a goal - blame Baumgartner Hughes gets outmuscle, leads to a goal - blame Baumgartner I get he’s still young and learning, but these mistakes are happening way too much and often, which are costing us some valuable points in the standing. Sure we can cut him some slack at times, but the onus is on him, not the coach.
  11. Does Montoya know how to play small ball? This is the second time in recent weeks, he should have put the bunt play on, to move the runners.
  12. Not entirely, since more than half of the money goes to charity. I don’t think anyone who spent money on this would think it’ll work. It’s for a good laugh.
  13. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Not sure if Shai plans to play in the Olympics as he too is dealing with a serious injury. You also forgot about Nickeil Alexander Walker, who probably starts at the PG position, now that Jamal is out.
  14. People need to understand there’s a difference between “top 6 role” and “top 6 minutes”. Vrana plays in a top 6 role in Washington by virtue of his linemates, but he does not get top 6 minutes as evidence of his ES minutes. It’s the equivalent to the same situation here, with Hoglander. I don’t see how Detroit “wins” this trade by a landslide. First round picks are highly overrated on this board, especially when that pick is in the tail-end of the draft. Statically, picks from 20-50 have less than 15% chance of becoming a NHL serviceable player. Essentially, how I see this trade
  15. Inconsistent, maybe. Overrated? Furthest from the truth. Who really talks about him, outside from Detroit fans?
  16. Another WTH decision by Montoya. Tied game in the 7th, Panik doubled with no outs. Clearly you need to move the runner with a bunt. Long and behold he let one the Jays worst contact hitters on the team, swing away.
  17. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    2019 seem like a decade ago for Raps fans.
  18. Graves leds the team in SH minutes. Makar and him make up one of the best young defensive duos in the NHL. It’s more likely that they’re going to protect him over Toews, since Colorado is already deep on the right-side.
  19. To Vancouver: Ty Smith Damon Severson 2nd round pick To NJ: Quinn Hughes Tyler Myers
  20. Reeves wasn’t that bad of a draft pick, if you considered the players who were ranked around him. The only player who had an all-star career was Stoudamire. I’d be more upset at the Steve Francis pick if anything. The dude literally said he was not going to play for Vancouver, if the Grizzlies drafted him.
  21. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I like Drummond the person, but he’s a below average center, who can only get you rebounds. If you compare him to similar players alike (ie: Capela, Robinson, Gobert, Jordan, etc) all of them are shooting above 55% on the field. While Drummond is at a dismal 47%. His career average is 53%. That’s not a good percentile when you’re only shooting 2ft-5ft away from the basket. Cousins is too injury prone and a turnover machine. John Collins is a player I would look at. Rumour has it that he and Young do not get along and the Hawks are willing to listen to offers. His price mi
  22. I suggested Hughes+ for Severson and Ty Smith and practically got the same response. I don’t know how much of a downgrade Smith is offensively. The kid has 8 points in 13 games (6 of those points are at ES) while playing on the 3rd worst offensive team in the league.
  23. If I had to put money on who is more likely to leave, it’s Quinn. At some point in their careers, the Hughes brothers would want to play together, whether it’s here or somewhere else remains to be seen.
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