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  1. There's an ignore function for a reason. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, problem nowadays is too many people go hyper angry when that opinion doesn't regurgitate your opinion word for word. Allow people to state their opinion, disagree if you want but show respect and let them say what they want, if it offends you, ignore them & carry on. You'll be happier & healthier for it.
  2. Still hasn't been confirmed/announced according the Sportsnet right now.
  3. This is a good signing too. JB signing players to less than 3mil per season = good.
  4. 1mil works. That's what a 4th line centre should make JB.
  5. Just blech. That's how I feel today. Sickening that a team that is as bad as this one has traded so many picks away. Instead of being excited for the draft I'm dreading free agency.
  6. Benning better do something to recoup picks. This team was one of the worst in the league and we have very few picks. Can't build a team through free agency.
  7. I do not like this trade at all. We would have been in cap heaven after this year is done, now we have the new LE on for another 6 bloody years. If OEL continues his downward trend we absolutely got destroyed in this trade. JB is going to have to get something great for Schmidt/Holtby in order to make this less garbage.
  8. Words hold meaning. If they meant a top 3 forward they would say top 3, if they meant top 6 they would say top 6. Top 9 means 3rd line player who can move up to cover but wouldn't be a top 6 player. I haven't jumped to a conclusion, I took the news from a reliable source and reacted to his words. You want to dangle from JBs nutsack go ahead, I don't believe he is capable of building a winning team. You can point to that brief showing in the playoffs if you want but the Canucks didn't earn a playoff spot they were gifted one and just happened to out perform some teams that were rus
  9. 2 Top 9 forwards...that's the goal? Not a top 4 defenseman, not a top 6 forward...2 top 9 forwards. Yeah. There is a problem with this management team.
  10. I could see a team like Calgary swinging a trade for Eichel. They have the pieces needed. Tkachuk wants out and doesn't have any trade protection. Tkachuk, 1st, 2 2nds next year and a prospect could get it done. Buffalo gets a goal scorer with grit, picks and a prospect, Calgary moves a guy who doesn't want to be there & brings in a marquee name to match against McDavid a bunch of times a year.
  11. In my expert opinion Yeah, no clue what will happen until it happens. No idea who other teams will pick, no clue who will be left and zero clue as to what trades, signings, buyouts will happen which may or may not force the GM to use the pick or trade it. What I am sure of is whomever we pick will be criticized by some, praised by others. Also if the pick is traded there will be a lot of debate if it is the right move and even more so if the pick becomes a star. Not super worried as I don't think this team, as constructed has a hope of winning the cup
  12. Really no reason to trade Schmidt. He's a solid d-man, I'm expecting a much better year for him next season. If we weren't in cap hell they wouldn't be able to float these fabrications. If we trades Schmidt we would need to go out and get a top 2 d-man, they don't come cheaper than we paid to get Schmidt in the first place.
  13. Meh. Just Aquaman not wanting to pay JB and whoever would replace him. Means that Green will be back too because JB said he wanted to re-sign him. So, no changes on management side, likely very few changes to players as well. No buyouts will happen, some contracts ending but JB is afraid of the unknown so he will probably give the established UFAs offers. Waiting to see what is done after the draft. Right now this news doesn't change anything.
  14. Very Canuck game. Only thing that should matter is player development, assessing the kids we have, what does Green do? 4:55 icetime to Gadjovich. In a mean nothing game this guy can't find 10min of ice time for the kid. Add to that the come back to gain a point and this game reeks of Canucks, can't win when it matters can't lose when it doesn't.
  15. 100% doubt Benning trades his "room guys". I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he re-signed Sutter. He needs to go.
  16. Assets to trade, Sutter, Benn, Edler. Benning: I'm going to trade a young center with a small salary, he just doesn't have the intangibles I value. I really dislike Benning.
  17. Agree 100%. If Benning fails to unload some players for assets in this disastrous season he should be fired. This is a team that is spending above cap, going to miss playoffs and has 0 extra draft picks. For the GM of a team like this to say his guys have been through enough tells me he doesn't use his head when making decisions. That's backed by the 3 year deal he handed to a player with 11pts this season.
  18. Benning needs to go. He has now officially declared that he will not be trading at the deadline because the players have enough on their plates. https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiY2h0dHBzOi8vd3d3LnNwb3J0c25ldC5jYS9uaGwvYXJ0aWNsZS9iZW5uaW5ncy1jYXAtbWFuYWdlbWVudC13b3J0aHktY3JpdGljaXNtLW5vLXF1ZXN0aW9uaW5nLWhlYXJ0L9IBYmh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LnNwb3J0c25ldC5jYS9uaGwvYmVubmluZ3MtY2FwLW1hbmFnZW1lbnQtd29ydGh5LWNyaXRpY2lzbS1uby1xdWVzdGlvbmluZy1oZWFydC9zbi1hbXAv?hl=en-CA&gl=CA&ceid=CA%3Aen
  19. Well, at least I didn't waste 2.5 hrs watching because of the late start, also don't have to bother watching the highlights.
  20. Guess I'll be catching the highlights tomorrow. 9pm start too late for me.
  21. That'll be game. Night all. This team has 0 ability to push back.
  22. Green with the ole WD sit on the lead and let them come at you plan. Hate how drastically the Canucks game changes when they get a lead.
  23. Sigh. So from just page 1 Canucks acquire 4 picks whilst trading 9. Aggregate of -5 picks. 2nd page the count is 11 acquired and 19 traded away, -8 picks. The person you quoted is more accurate about JB than you are.
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