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  1. The Houses in a Song of Ice and Fire aren't like Hogwarts Houses. You aren't "sorted" into them, you're born in. Its not really a personality thing. The traits of each house vary so much and the characters have enough nuance that you can't really just assign real people to them. Case in point: Renly, Stannis and Robert all have wildly different demeanors. Loras and Margaery don't really have much in common. Sansa and Arya are essentially polar opposites, etc. Unless you're just going by physical descriptions, in which case they're pretty cut and dry. Petey and Brock would be Lannisters, Hughes would be a Tyrell, Horvat a Baratheon, etc.
  2. Yes, but a constant stream of reported altercations, incidents, coupled with behaviour that is simultaneously erratic and showboaty and also clingy and needy to me indicates more than just poor decision making.
  3. The billboard thing combined with everything else just makes it look like Kane might have some genuine mental health issues.
  4. Probably dropped a fortune trying to upgrade his wifi just to sit at home and play video games, if those player polls are to be believed.
  5. I was speaking about the group holistically, not matching them up piece by piece.
  6. So I think its safe to say we've improved our D at this point. I'm sure most Canucks fans would agree Schmidt + Hamonic + Rafferty/Juolevi/Rathbone/whoever is an upgrade over Tanev + Stecher + Fantenberg, as much as those guys were liked here. Obviously we'll have to see how the season actually unfolds, but it definitely doesn't look as doom and gloom as some were making it at the start of FA. Yes goaltending was downgraded, but with an upgraded D, coupled with the strides our youngsters are going to make this year I think things are pretty optimistic.
  7. We always need at least one defenseman to blame all our problems on. Myers has the fattest contract while not really being a number 1 D-men so he gets the dubious honor.
  8. He looks like he'll be a solid NHLer but most of the hype about him comes from the fact that he's one of the few rays of light on an otherwise bad Oilers D. I think this is a pretty fair bridge deal.
  9. It really does get irritating hearing about why the sky is falling and everyone needs to be fired after a prospect that was passed on has a good game. I know thats the MO in general, but in these specific instances it gets annoying. What if Podkolzin has 12 goals the next game and Newhook pees himself? Does this still apply.
  10. Time to retire the "Canucks" name too. Its only a matter of time until somebody complains. Might as well get out of ahead of everything in one fell swoop.
  11. It's not Vancouver, this kind of stuff is happening everywhere. The majority of people are not nearly as hysterical, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease and we've decided as a society that whoever screeches the loudest on twitter is who we listen to.
  12. He should know, his wife is a doctor.
  13. Oh please don't insinuate thats my suggestion.