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  1. Go back and read the chain of discussion if you're going to insert yourself into it.
  2. Yeah but thats not my point, its that deliberately provoking the fanbase is not a smart idea. Yes he answers directly to ownership, but that doesn't mean ownership is immune to the whims of the fanbase if they think it will affect their bottom line.
  3. Enough pressure will come at a cost though. Ownerships ultimate goal is keeping the fanbase happy. That's why Gillis was canned. That's why Torts was canned after one year. Thats why Willie was canned. Aquaman may like having Benning in his back pocket, but that's also where he keeps his wallet.
  4. I disagree. Its not strictly a binary, as in not every fan falls in one camp or the other, but they definitely exist. There are definitely fans that would rake Benning over the coals and demand his firing if he traded a 7th in 2069 for McDavid at 50% retained, and there are definitely fans that would defend him if he traded Pettersson, Hughes and Demko for Skinner and Okposo. This likely has little to do with hockey itself though and more to do with the temperament of the people themselves.
  5. At this point its hard to argue that there are actually any "Benning" bros, just people who favour everything the team does, and whoever happens to be in management becomes the focus of their approval.
  6. Never heard of him. Hopefully this turns out well. The tinfoil hat side of me says this may have something to do with the covid rumours about Gaudette more than the trade ones.
  7. I don't know if Caufield dropped entirely because of his size. I think there's a good chance that its because team's may have viewed him as one-dimensional. When you've got over twice as many goals as assists, coupled with a diminutive size, I wouldn't be surprised if some teams had some red flags around if he would be able to translate his standout trait to the NHL. Only time will tell though.
  8. Damn, Foligno is basically Captain Blue Jackets. He's the closest equivalenty they've had in their franchise to a Trevor Linden or Wendel Clark or Ryan Smyth. I wouldn't be surprised if he re-signs with CBJ after that.
  9. Not if they have some prior animosity towards him.
  10. As much as we all love Brock if you give a guy a choice between playing with Boeser or McDavid I have to think 9.5/10 are going to pick Connor.
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