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  1. I use PC because I typically prefer the games on PC to the ones on console. I have consoles too, but I won't be buying a next gen one until well after they've been out for awhile and the price has been knocked down and they've built up a half decent library of games. I will likely buy a PS4 once the price on those plummets because I went with the Xbox one last generation.
  2. Maybe he picked 96 because they wouldn't let him have Doug Glatt's number
  3. Bo has too much character to do something like that.
  4. The speculation about Boeser being hurt or too big I think is overanalyzing the situation. During his rookie year he was set up as the guy to be firing the puck for most of the time, and since then he's not been the only focal point on the offense. On top of that, most teams didn't really have a book on him and hes started to round out his game and not just blasting the puck every chance he gets. And quite frankly, that came during a time when Boeser was one of the few rays of light in a dark time for this team. So we really kinda hyped him up to be the third Hull or something. His goals have taken a step back and he's not going to be winning Selke, but the Boeser we've had recently is a much more complete player and I wouldn't be surprised to see him shooting more in the future.
  5. Theres something satisfying about building a contender in spite of hard luck as opposed to being handed everything though.
  6. No to Laine. He'd cost too much to acquire, want way too much money, is known to be a bit of a diva, and while he's taken strides last year to round out his game, his overall game is still lacking.
  7. I cant imagine willingly subjecting myself to that. You'd think a Steve Dangle podcast would be banned by the Geneva convention
  8. Arguing over which city is better is incredibly dumb. It's like someone who prefers blondes arguing with someone who prefers brunettes which is better. Everyone has their own subjective criteria for what makes a place to live good/bad.
  9. I think Benning is a good GM, not a great one. He has his warts, but so does everyGM. He's a fantastic at the draft, hit and miss at trades and poor at signings, but his record in the latter two categories is improving. The thing everyone in the 'Fire Benning' camp seems to neglect is that if you can him he does need to be replaced. And it seems nobody who wants to fire him has his next in line lined up, and you can't just get rid of him and watch the team magically win the cup without a GM. I'm convinced most people in that camp are just part of the vocal minority of canucks fans who look to complain about everything.
  10. There's a lack of education in our society in general about the long term risk of pain medications. There's a crisis going on right now that is largely unremarked on aside from the occasional flippant comment about fentanyl being bad.
  11. I beat Vintage Canuck once. It was merely by seconds and the post was rife with errors, but I did it.
  12. So much for "wanting to win". I guess Buffalo is going for first overall again.
  13. Not to mention he'd be cheaper and is clearly a liked character guy in the room