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  1. All good. I appreciate that you're able to recognize you didn't get the full context of the conversation and walk it back civilly. Its so rare and nice to see on an internet messageboard, which is usually full of vitriol even over simple misunderstandingsof other people's points. (I am fully guilty of that myself at times as well so I'm not standing on any kind of high horse). Most teams have at least a couple geographic rivals they can at the very least take a bus/train to. For the longest time Vancouver's closest rival was Calgary, which would take over 10 hours to get to by driving. Meanwhile if you play for a team in the NYC area you could theoretically drive to your opponent's rinks and be home by midnight. This has to have an effect on the players, the constant shuffling between flights and not getting to sleep in your own bed and so on.
  2. When they first came in the league. The rest of your post is irrelevant to the point I was making.
  3. Boohoo. They were further west than half the league at the time. Columbus was in the West too. Canucks used to play in the East division, and until the arrival of the Kraken Vancouver was for the longest time absurdly far from any of their opponents. Geography isn't fair.
  4. Saw that on the top of the screen during the broadcast but I assumed he was just tied up the Detroit player.
  5. Imagine getting wrecked by a "midget" because you think you can headbutt his back and get away with it. Such salty cope from Zadina. I'd rather cheer for a good player thats a "midget" than a 6 foot tall bust. The Konecny comment is hilarious too. He's 5'10. At the most. And we know the NHL spots short players a couple inches. Anyone who has seen Gaudreau play live knows he isn't 5'9, and Garland himself has confirmed he's actually closer to 5'6 or 5'7. Still, Konecny is usually going to be the shortest player on the ice any game he plays, so the moment he can find a single player shorter than himself, he attacks them for being short. It absolutely REEKS of insecurity. I am loving Garland so far. He's been exactly as advertised. An absolute pitbull on the ice. I'm not really the type to get player names on my jerseys, but if I do get one Garland is going to the top of the list.
  6. I think Juice would much prefer being a National analyst than a local colour guy.
  7. I know, but I think he's probably getting groomed for a role, and filling in right now is part of that. For all we know they might just stick him in a different market too. There will be days when guys need off, and Cheech is 70. While he's got a lot of energy for his age, we can't expect him to do it forever.
  8. I definitely wasn't a fan, but I think a lot of it can be chalked up to still being fairly new at it. He came across sounding really nervous and I think a lot of his inane stories about his experiences in the NHL were him trying to fill the air, as he probably had an expectation he needs to just keep talking. If he continues to get games I'm sure he'll improve.
  9. I always feel off watching the Battle of Alberta because its hard watching a game wanting both teams to lose.
  10. Sometimes the reffing is worse than other nights. Is it responsible for the Canucks losing? No, they couldn't beat Greiss. But its still very frustrating to watch Detroit take liberties against your guys all night meanwhile you're getting penalized for being headbutted in the traps.
  11. He also seemed simultaneously arrogant and insecure. "Hey when I played I did this." "I coached this guy in St Louis." "Oh I know this guy from when I coached". Yes Corey, we get it. You have NHL experiences on your resume. It seemed like he was trying to make it about him and remind people he used to be in the NHL.
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