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  1. He could kill someone on live tv and people would want him here because we have a weird obsession with bringing every single BC boy back to the Canucks, even if they couldn't help the team in anyway.
  2. I'm taking Nilsson. I know he was a Flame and his NHL career wasn't particularly long, but he seems to be historically underrated.
  3. Thank you. Every one (rightfully) rags on Benning and Canucks management, but they act everyone else is a model franchise, when in reality all the other Canadian teams are their own dumpster fires in their own special ways.
  4. Their management has shown they're absolutely cutthroat. Its strange to me that Vegas built their identity on being the island of misfit toys, the cast-offs etc that were able to rally together and become a good team. They all showed they absolutely loved being in Vegas as well. Then the team turned around and started sacrificing players in order to have whatever the shiniest new toy on the market was. Its a complete reversal of the team's original identity, and I think the players are going to start noticing that there isn't really much loyalty in Vegas.
  5. So with the Flames captain likely gone who on that roster is going to step up into the important leadership role of taking out the knees of the opposing team?
  6. The Colwood crawl is as bad if not worse than anything Vancouver has to offer.
  7. I have to wonder how bad things got last year with how unhappy the players are. Edler for the longest time wouldn't even consider waiving his no trade clause for a playoff team at the deadline, now suddenly he wants to compete? It really makes you wonder what went on behind the scenes.
  8. Podkolzin has yet to play an NHL game. Let's not talk about anything being obvious or anybody getting ahead of themselves.
  9. The logo and jersey are great. The name is pretty standard for a farm club. Its the fact that they couldn't even get it revealed properly when they were using an existing name and logo.
  10. Something to do with Lumberjacks, Woodsmen, Trappers, etc. Fits BC, fits the parent club tie-in, etc.
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