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  1. Random thought. Hypothetically... would you go all in for Hughes or Kakko this year, or all in on Lafreniere next year?
  2. First of all, Elder is one of my favourite D-Men in Canucks franchise history. He has been a staple on the top 4 for the last 10+ seasons. That being said... He cannot be an asset that is protected from the expansion draft. If Elder not willing to accept a contract without a NMC or NTC then BYEEEEE I hope he resigns, and i would hope he makes $$$$$$$ for 2-3 years. But, there's a FA that the canucks can sign for more money who is equal or better and wont need to be protected.
  3. lets say Jack Roslovic more than Marner. Marner is basically elite. I would say 60 point upside on the high end and middle six potential.
  4. I heel that Virtanen has earned a spot. Plus he can on any line an be effective in almost any role. Would like to see him throw the body around a bit more in a 3rd/4th line role though. He's been working with Pavel Barber in the offseason. Pavel is a "stickhandling specialist" so hopefully that will help his hands a bit. That Rathbone guy though... Glad to see he progressed physically, thats why I feel that Hughes would benefit with one more year of college. 10-15 pounds of muscle would make a huuuuuuge difference.
  5. six to nine Nice... I think our allstar Boeser can keep his number.
  6. Hope he can turn it around. at one point he was one of the Canuck's top prospects... Maybe the east coast will work out better for him.
  7. Okay thanks, I'm just trying to find comparable players. Markar seems like a better match than Fox.
  8. Just a quick question here. can someone compare Hughes to Adam Fox. Why was Hughes 1st round pedigree vs. Fox (who was a third round pick) Just curious...
  9. Lets remember where this kid started, really happy for him and his family.
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