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  1. On 3/9/2021 at 3:05 PM, Aladeen said:

    @falcon45ca you gotta poke players.


    @Intoewsables - his create a player is almost done, playing mafia is less time than what he had to do for that I am sure, he will play.

    @Kryten - saw him posting in music threads he missing mafia fo sho

    @ilduce39 - The Duke is primed for a mafia run

    @thejazz97 - misses all of us I watch him as he cries himself to sleep each night chanting "don't leave me qwags"

    @Qwags - jazz needs you man 

    @DarthMelvin - becoming the greatest player on CDC just as mafia dies - his legacy needs this game

    @Sane33 - I saw you updooting a mafia reference post - you love this.

    @Blue Jay 22 - wherever there are BJs required, BJ will show. 

    @Zfetch - it was really his fault mafia died, he can repent for it here and now

    @King Heffy - one day he gonna say yes and I feel it's now.

    @J-23 - He'll come for the BJ's at least

    @Beluga Whale - he not gonna play but I thought I would stroke his ego cause he likes being asked just to say no

    @Master Radishes - he might sign up but even if he does it's only 50/50 if he'll play

    @GoCanucks16 - GC will play, GC will probably be mafia, GC should be the first round yeet

    @Time Lord - if he does sign up we should hear from him near EOD rd 2

    @JohnLocke - come home, I know you check in on us so just play

    @Where's Wellwood - Maybe he's found Wellwood by now and can come back to play

    @milk and honey - sweet sweet MH he just needs his amigo to sign up:

    @Lewitelli - MH needs you

    @Peaches - haven't forgot about you homie

    @Baer. - I 

    @shiznak - AM

    @g_bassi13 - SORRY

    @otherwise - TO

    @Kakanucks - ALL 

    @HashtagNucks - OF 

    @Sharpshooter - YOU

    @Coconuts - FOR

    @naslund.is.king - NOT

    @Dr.Strangelove - GIVING

    @JAY JAY - YOU

    @mau5trap - YOUR

    @Virtanen87 - OWN

    @Dral - BLURB

    @Saniel Dedin - SEXY




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  2. 6 hours ago, luckylager said:

    We should have a game soon.

    @Master Radishes threatened to set up a cross border extravaganza of awesome.

    But only if we accept the challenge.


    @MR- challenge accepted. Bring them on in two weeks when @Aladeen @Beluga Whale @Blue Jay 22 are sufficiently rested and able to come out of retirement.

    Yeah, we discussed this back in the summer. I'm happy it looks like a reality now with all the CDCers infiltrating the syndicate. 


    It would be happening over there I assume, MR?

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