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  1. Not to mention he's presenting one verse in a whole chapter, and presenting it out of context. Is that intentional to make the bible look bad?
  2. I can't really think of an example where there are protections needed of people from other faiths whereas there currently is for mine. ? More bible into our laws? I don't know. I believe God gave us a free will to make our own choices. So if a woman wants to have a breast reduction for example that's not for me to say. If she wants to have her big toe surgically removed and attached to her forehead that also her business. I may not like someone else's decision but I don't have the right to tell them they can't. But we enforce laws and try to prohibit people from putting her
  3. Must be my lost twin. And I call my cat baby.
  4. I don't even know what a priesthood blessing is. Is that catholic ? Jehovahs witness maybe? Nobody will survive the Christian faith if they pay attention to what certain individuals do in the name of God. I told you before, Christ's main problem was the religious. Do you know how many times I've been hurt by someone in the church? I left for 7 years once because of something. But I just can't hold God responsible for that anymore. He created us all with a free will. He isn't controlling everyone and some people are just flat out deceived.
  5. I believe the entire book. If you claim to be a Christian and you don't then your in trouble. Believing it and understanding it however are two different things. Have you ever read revelation. Sounds like there was some pretty good acid out there 2000 years ago doesn't it. It's just written in code. But your exactly right. My faith is an ongoing thing and will work on it my whole life. It's hard to because I'm not very book smart. Poor attention span. Barely squeeked through school. But I can build anything. If God needs another ark build I'm sure I'll get
  6. I was just saying that a guy like Ken ham could give you creation/ science answers way better than me.
  7. If I tried to get into that with you I would be in over my head to be honest. You could always check out the debate between Bill nye and Ken ham on that topic if you wanted an informed opinion .
  8. Those were the times. Besides, my boss treated me like a slave and that was only 30 years ago.
  9. And what groups are you referring to? And science regarding what? The vaccine?
  10. Christians will reject science where it contradicts the Bible. Otherwise, I think they are fine with it. As far as science goes I've seen Christian scientists disagree with secular scientist. Like on age of the earth for example.
  11. I read Two articles that said he likely learned to be a doctor in Antioch. He was the only gentile writer in the new testament writing the book of Luke and acts.
  12. Colossians 4:14 and Luke, the beloved physician and Demas greet you.
  13. It's stated I'll have to look it ip my memory fails me ill get back to you
  14. Did that prove you were right? Or did it just prove they were wrong?
  15. I had both and you cant kill either. The bodies though would easily rust.
  16. For them it's not about following the science it's about trying to follow a book that you don't believe in. And if you claim to believe the Bible then you should biblically be trying to educate yourself or you will look stupid. And it just so happens that these issues are related to end times which is primarily in revelation. A very complex book.
  17. I'm aware you don't believe the Bible. But in the Bible Jesus and others performed healing. It is a bit of a complex issue today within the church and I have come to my own conclusions about how all of that works. The disciples were with Jesus 3 years and then had ministries after Jesus died. They didn't just become followers one day and the run around healing everyone the next. So I don't understand these people who will lay there getting sicker by the day, or having a sick kid and not seek medical attention. Interesting to me that Luke was a physician. Jesus was pretty wise w
  18. There are lots of Christians that believe in this. Including myself What I meant is that I don't know any that are using that as an excuse to not get the vaccine. Jimmy McGill posted an article explaining the whole fetal tissue thing in response to me addressing one reason why the church folk are against the vaccine.
  19. It's a blessing animal furr stinks when it gets wet .
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