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  1. From what I noticed in this game is that Hoglander really earned Greener's trust. Besides Petey, Hughes and Boes, he had a decent chunk of ice time (16minutes) compared to Zack and Gauds. Really show how much Hogs impressed him during camp. Benning and Co really hit a homerun with that pick
  2. Yeah, I was majorly surprised with how far Rossi fell. Size is still the number one factor with teams it seems. I tend to value skill and skating, no point to have size when you can't skate especially with how fast today's NHL is.
  3. Hoglander's conditioning is impressive! I can't believe he fell all the way to 40.
  4. I don't think Tampa wanted to get rid of Gourde, the coach praises him regularly as a "swiss army knife". I don't think they wanted to get rid of a guy who produces and can play in all situation despite cap troubles. Looking at the future core of: Kuch, Point, Hedman, Circelli, Vasy. They eventually will get themselves in future cap troubles but they'll have a shot at another cup run this season. Tampa gets a lot of cap space thanks to Gaborik and Nilsson, and the Sens cheapo owner saves some money in dead cap. A sort of win-win.
  5. More or less an old school thing, you try not to poach players through offer sheets because it lowers your street cred among the other gms. And picks are gold, so you gotta be sure the player is worth giving up. Montreal almost gave up a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Aho that would have been a good pick up.
  6. Tax bud. The state of Florida has like the lowest tax bracket in the NHL
  7. Yeah but Hamhuis was a lynchpin of our defense that really hurt the top 4.
  8. Realities of the cap era. If only we had cap space, we could give him for like half a penny on the dollar.
  9. As much as I loved that hipcheck when I saw it, it really ruined our chances at a cup.
  10. This is a tough piece of news to swallow. I like watching Lundqvist play and I really wished he won a cup before he ended up retiring. Just another goalie great to never win a cup.
  11. Well look at the Aqualini's twitter and post about covid, they don't want to be associated with anti-maskers. While Fauci did say that, I am sure that a shortage of PPE for the majority of the population was probably the one of the reasons why but I am not going to get into this on a hockey forum.
  12. Well, I liked Mark but now I am glad he's gone if he's an anti-masker.
  13. Now I am really excited to see him play with us, hopefully next year when the season starts. I am assuming that the playoffs will be in the summer months.
  14. Craig is also a former GM so definitely is a source I would trust him for a lot of things.
  15. I think Lind is back home, his instagram stories is just full of him golfing
  16. Rathbone credited Higgins because he was a similar case, Higgins left Yale to play hockey. So they bonded over that
  17. I just thank the stars for Ryan Johnsen and Higgy for keeping a good relationship with Jack
  18. Rathbone is a great skater, maybe not on the same level as Hughes but hes quite good. Rathbone has a good first pass too. Additionally, he proved that he doesn't need an elite defender to help him out (He was Adam Fox's partner for a while) to produce. I think he will be a force in the AHL next year should he not make it.
  19. I have no idea where you get a ".22%" death rate, it's closer to 3.4%. That's a little bit more significant than you wrote.
  20. I am fine with Rathbone staying another year. I dont think we will be at the Aug 15 situation with him.
  21. Yeah, I hope we can sign Lockwood out of college this year with Hughes.