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  1. Most of what I see posted is a bunch of Trump stuff that has nothing to do or would ever have to do with the Supreme Court. I mean if we want to have a relatively simple talking point, you know, Roe v Wade, or if you want to be more relevant, Trump v Mazers or Trump v Vance.
  2. Can we loan him to Europe and still pay his salary while not actually being on hook for the cap? How does the European loan situation work?
  3. Wow, this just proves what I think about people who post in these threads, you're too dense to think I realize this, but instead use another lame ass picture to accomplish, I don't know what, make me look stupid? But yeah, discussing Trump policy verbatim which has nothing to do with this really is insightful, tell me more stuff I already know.
  4. So is this just another de-facto Trump thread?
  5. Poptarts are gross, I don't understand how anyone can like them.
  6. Yeah I don't care who wins, but I think Trump will. If he's as bad as they say, they deserve him, if he's not, well, whatever. I honestly don't give two cents anymore what they do to themselves because of what they did to Bernie in 2016.
  7. Democrats have done this to themselves, they deserve the defeat they are about to eat in November. Kind of sad really that this thread is just one giant meme. I say this as a neutral observer, but I know all of you are black and white and want everyone to pick a side, the same thing republicans said in 2001 and got Bush elected a second term... "live long enough to become the bad guy" or however that goes.
  8. And pretty much the only one that predicted he would win in 2016. People don't seem to get that all we get are news from big cities and yet the US has the third largest rural population in the world.
  9. No, his trade value will plummet as soon as he signs his contract no matter what team he joins and no matter if it has an NMC or NTC, lots of free agent goalies this year. Plus his age and the term he is going to get? I hope Benning moves on or finds a goalie out there with more cap value. Canucks need to move on from him.
  10. It has had a couple incarnations, but it did exist as far back as 2000 when I joined, my post count should be higher but a lot of them have disappeared for whatever reason. There was for instance some kind of thing back in the early-mid 00s where everyone had to re-register their account and everyone started from 0 again with their postcount I think.
  11. If I had to pick between Markström and Tanev+Toffoli, I pick Tanev+Toffoli.
  12. We have condemned more people to death with our lax mental health laws than the loonies we saved by releasing them into the wild. Those bleeding hearts who wanted Riverview closed because it was “inhuman” have blood on their hands.
  13. One thing I want to add to this, sorry to quote myself, don’t want it to be lost to the back pages. If Matt Dumba thinks it’s only appropriate to kneel for the American anthem but not the Canadian. I think it says a lot about how we are as a nation.
  14. I maybe inferring incorrectly, but as a Canadian who’s at least 3 generations on all sides including 1/8 Cree, I take offense to the thought that we are bystanders who are being affected by this. I don’t disagree that Canada has its own history to reconcile with, but to assume we are anywhere near as bad as the US is grandstanding bs. I have my own history with being belittled and my own grievances with being ignored, some people on here will know what I mean. I would still rather be a proud flag waving Canadian even in Sweden than anything else. As for the stoppage itself, if the players agree to it, who am I to question it? More power to them.
  15. LOL, did that 80 minute guy think he was going to get a different answer than he did from Stecher or Markström?