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  1. I remember that, trying to find some evidence of my existence but I was more of a lurker back then. I remember being on whatever version of the forums there were back in 00-01 talking about the merits of Felix Potvin. So many old names that I've forgotten about, a few that I banned as well when I was a mod 10 years ago.
  2. That was the game we pulled Luongo and Raycroft beat his old team yeah?
  3. Starting to wonder if Jack Eichel is a giant locker room cancer and these are the real Sabres.
  4. Yeah, I honestly don't understand why that colour was chosen in the first place.
  5. Just so tired of this perimeter offense, can we please fire Green and get Burrows in before someone else gets that idea into their head?
  6. Yeah I've been pleasantly surprised, their intermission people suck harsh, but the announcers are good.
  7. Meh, they were trying to get to the end of the period so as to have a full uninterrupted powerplay, I thought it was good strategy.
  8. Graysmith is nothing but an attention whore hack who dragged Arthur Leigh Allen through the mud constantly simply because of the amount of circumstantial evidence that supported it and to sell his book. I'm not saying Allen isn't the killer, he's probably the most likely, but even then the amount of actual hard evidence against him is next to nothing, especially considering the police sketch of the likely Paul Stine killer looks nothing like him.
  9. Panama Papers led to nothing, doubt this will either.
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