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  1. Wow, I'm actually surprised that that many in Northern Ireland support a united Ireland. 20-30 years ago there's no way it would be close to that number, probably something like 5 or 10%.
  2. Don't disagree, but I don't see it happening, I think both parties like the status quo on this one, divide and conquer and all that jazz.
  3. Can play the blame game on that one, but it's something that needs to be rectified regardless of affiliation and it seems no one cares to do so.
  4. While I don't disagree with the message or what she stands for, you know she's just a puppet for some bored rich adults, I feel sorry for her, I hope she will be able to shed them someday and stand on her own two feet but I doubt it.
  5. I moved to Sweden when I was 18, I just talk about how that, how I learned Swedish in less than five years, was and it seems to impress people, gotten lots of interviews and a great job despite having never completed any formal post secondary education.
  6. I could see us being just as cooky when it comes to electing a President... Don Cherry Kevin O'Leary Jim Treliving I am for the monarchy personally, as it is part of the Canadian identity, one can say it's meaningless, but it's just as easy to argue the opposite that leaving it to create some other kind of meaningless Canadian identity. Although I would suggest having our own figurehead, but certainly not a President because I honestly think we'd be just as bad as the US when it comes time to pick.
  7. It's why I don't get why we still advocate for multiplying to, 8, 9, 10.... 15, 20?! billion people. I mean if we want to go green, less people will do that. Industries can be easily sustained with fewer people now, and eventually IT becomes so streamlined that everyone is using the same systems and programming that one IT guy has 10 companies as his clients, so "learning to code" eventually becomes meaningless as well. "Oh no but people's pensions" my argument would be, and I know I've said this before, maybe companies should have to compete for workers for once, maybe this would increase wages. IMO a capitalist society has flow both ways, immigration is just a tool to keep the flow going upwards all the time.
  8. How does this work exactly? Does he go to trial and then there's a vote by the senate? I thought the senate had to vote first.
  9. Attack the person, not the argument... typical CDC stuff... because I’m right. Pay attention yourself, respond to what I said or ignore it... it’s that simple. but yeah completely ignore the dozens of other OT posts..
  10. This thread is not about disabilities either, so why bring it up if you don't want someone to argue your point?
  11. LOL, you think this is limited to red states or the right? Canada discriminates far worse against people with disabilities than the US does, I mean, on a personal level.
  12. I think I remember the evangelicals saying the same thing about GWB that they would go to the white house and his staff would be completely uninterested in what they had to say.
  13. I dunno, if it gets them to leave their antiquated policies regarding women's rights, gay rights etc, it might dare I say make them a more palatable alternative to the average American than Democrats. I have a hard time believing they'd shift any further right than they already are.