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  1. Animal Farm Catcher in the Rye One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest The Road Stand by Me
  2. I had a "shower thought" with regards to the tuition problem. It will sound kind of like a conspiracy but I wonder if the reason nothing is being done about it is to keep enlistment into the military high. Imagine if the USA had free tuition like Europe, I can imagine there would be a huge drop in enlistment simply because people will not need that military discharge tuition any longer. Thoughts?
  3. https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-ndp-will-vote-with-conservatives-on-motion-to-ensure-censorship-bill-does-not-violate-charter-rights Too bad there aren't enough people in Canada to vote federally for a sensible center like the NDP.
  4. Thank god the mods here have the sense to nip this kind of BS in the bud before it gets out of hand.
  5. The one thing I particularly find amusing here is how it's made to look like that's what people are actually supposed to do, it's a painting made to look like a bunch of randos have walked up and painted some strokes on it, yet somehow someone actually doing that has ruined it. The mental gymnastics needed by the art world to make these distinctions is mind boggling and an overall indication of the mental health of people in general who think it's valuable art.
  6. Just look up Milo Moiré, Europeans are insufferable when it comes to this kind of thing. They all act like they're haute couture when in reality they're one maybe two steps above a backwater Alabaman.
  7. Somehow this will be Jim Benning's fault as well, Benning haters: "Can't move an injured player at the deadline?! He's no GM!"
  8. And this is a problem when Trudeau cozies up to them too much, he'll keep his mouth shut if the chips are ever down and we'll look like fools.
  9. Just imagine though if you could be god for a day and only be malevolent, you all know you'd do some f-ed up s---, it's only natural IMO, what makes us human is our desire to be better than that.
  10. Why is personality more important than policy? Seems like a red herring deflection. If that's the case than this thread might as well be closed if people aren't actually going to talk politics and just piss on whoever because they don't like them. Should I find one of the millions of quotes when people in this thread try to call out Trump supporters when he did some dumb s---? People who created the unwritten rules of this thread need to live by them and not whine when it gets thrown in their faces. If I have a problem it's because I knew this would happen, I said it wo
  11. LOL that the dem koolaid drinkers on here thought anything was going to change, same s different colour.
  12. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/u-s-diplomats-china-subjected-anal-swab-testing-covid-19-n1258844
  13. Credible? One of the most respected papers in Sweden isn't credible? Or is it too biased? I mean I even translated it for you. Doesn't surprise me though that Swedish media sat on this one for 3 years, they were probably his biggest supporters outside North America. Funny though always how America treats people that do them a solid. Doesn't matter though, our media has quietly swept this one under the rug.
  14. The fact that we turn a blind eye to one but not the other is appalling and their excuse for why is weak and obvious they don’t want the backlash from fools who would call them out on it. Double think.
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