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  1. im in for the OG game @Blue Jay 22
  2. virt sign up for our discord Our community needs you for games This way if you dont sign into cdc atleast you'll get notifications for our games CdC needs regulars like you man
  3. aren't you on every mafia forum around?
  4. "Another look at how completely useless HF is and how mentally deficient people can be." fixed that for you lol
  5. Couldn't imagine going back to "light" mode. Flipped back for a second and it gave me a headache Weird computers don't have this easily available
  6. How do you guys not have the option for Dark mode? Its nice
  7. In. How could i miss davas last game
  8. which made it a tie lol great mafia strategy
  9. dm if hes scum theirs a little stradegy that goes into this lol The man before both NFs had the sketchies ass posts
  10. can't even keep your own narrative scum tells straight lol
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