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  1. Cheering for Tampa

    Im too salty for another canadian team to win

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    2. Pears


      Oh Leafs fans are gonna be in absolute shambles if Montreal wins and I’m soooooo here for it. 

    3. Dazzle


      Why the hell do you want Tampa to win?

      They've been spoiling their fanbase rotten, plus the NHL is letting them circumvent their cap. Until the NHL penalizes Tampa for using a legal loophole, in the same way that the Canucks did, then Tampa is essentially bankrolled by the NHL.


      MTL all the way.

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Wanting Burrows to be part of a cup win isn't exactly the same thing as wanting Montreal to win. Thats the hair I'm splitting. 

  2. Well least they didn't lose to boston:lol:


  3. we might be at the end of our rebuild but we've still missed the playoffs 6 times since 2013
  4. Like Jones i don't see RNH wanting to come play for the Canucks. Moneys one thing but aside from that i don't see either wanting to jump on another rebuilding team
  5. Anyone but Canada im a salty Canuck fan like that
  6. im in for the OG game @Blue Jay 22
  7. virt sign up for our discord Our community needs you for games This way if you dont sign into cdc atleast you'll get notifications for our games CdC needs regulars like you man
  8. aren't you on every mafia forum around?
  9. "Another look at how completely useless HF is and how mentally deficient people can be." fixed that for you lol
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