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  1. I think we can make playoffs. Division is still a mess. Vegas and Seattle will be the ones to watch. We'll be jockeying with Edm and Calgary for the second/third spot. LA is the dark horse here. Is this the year their prospects take the next step. This is how Seattle is looking so far. I think we match up pretty well except for the Defense. McCann-Gourde-Eberle Schwartz-Wennberg-Appleton Donskoi-Geekie-Jarnkrok Tanev-Bastian-Blackwell Giordano-Larsson Dunn-Oleksiak Soucy-Fleury Grubauer Driedger
  2. Right side is more depth than players that move the needle, but hopefully the Offense and Goaltending can help them out. I'm also expecting our systems to change with Shaw here. Not a bad roster, can make a splash in the pacific for sure
  3. There's the price point we are happy with
  4. I can compare Katz to Melynk and he'll look favorable. It's not indicative of the quality of the ownership by doing so. Compare him to an owner like Jeff Vinik (Lightning), Tom Gaglardi (Stars) or Leonsis (Capitals) and see how he looks. One good offseason (so far) does not mean you can revise history here. I appreciate spending to the cap, that is but one component of a successful team. He cheaped out on the front office, we had one of the leanest staffs in the league (which is being resolved thankfully) and we still don't have a president of hockey ops. Plus the body
  5. He's been decisive in the past, but just in the wrong way (Sutter, his UFA free agent signings, trading away picks for immediate help, not caring about cap space before 2020) With the OEL trade though, I daresay he's starting to show that acumen and nuance when it comes to balancing the needs of the present and future. It was an impossible bullseye to hit in both cleaning up his past contract mistakes and improving the team. But that was as good as he did. I think it'll define his tenure more than the Miller trade. Again though long term wise, I still question whether h
  6. Jim's a real Jekyll and Hyde GM. When he's good, he's on point, otherwise, its the 2020 offseason. We need to see the Jekyll Jim Benning more
  7. @Dazzle anything you want to say to @wallstreetamigo and about Thomas Drance? lol jking Anyways Good trade, cap space is an asset and this just solved our future cap flexibility issue with acquiring OEL and needing to re-sign Boeser next year. Depending on how JB spends the excess money freed up.
  8. It will be ironic if we're forced to give up Schmidt for a return lower than the 3rd we used to acquire him because someone forced us into the exact same cap situation Vegas was in last year haha. See folks, asset management matters, just as much as scouting. But i agree, we'll end up keeping both. It's an easy match for Petey on our end, even if the contract is $10 mil. It's workable.
  9. I'd hold your horses on that assessment first, this is just day 1 of UFA, and the first qualifying offer is tendered. No one is holding anyone hostage. Also this kind of stuff is usually a lot on the agent rather than the young players
  10. We'll never know. I would have loved to see what JB would have done with all those second rounders considering the gems he found in Hoglander and Demko. Saying that he'll recoup that value by hitting gems in with his two 5ths isn't a rebuttal to this.
  11. I think this answer depends on whether we move Schmidt and if we can replace him with two low cap defensemen on shorter terms. At this moment I think Miller is most likely gone if we can't make things work out.
  12. What you are missing here that is just as important are the names on other team's rosters that will be made expendable for the cheap due to other teams trying to overpay for these guys. Similar to how Alex Pietrangelo made Schmidt cheap for us to acquire. Benning pulled the trigger now because his job is on the line.
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