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  1. I think we should explore playing Miller at 3C in the short term. I think 3 scoring lines + 1 shutdown > 2 scoring, 1 checking, 1 shutdown Especially with the departures of McCann, Gaudette, Madden. Our 3C prospect pool is kicked down the line with hoping Lind makes the cut. Can also give us more flexibility for our up and coming wingers (presuming we don't lose anyone to Seattle) Hoglander - Petey - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Podholzin Roussel - Miller - Motte Highmore - Beagle - MacEwen Lind (ideally 3 line RW)
  2. I think this picture and how it relates to our ability to compete in the future will rely on how much we pay Petey and Hughes. And pointed out previously, Boeser, Bo and Miller are due for a raise, along with a cascading number of players from our core (After those turn UFA, then we have to re-up Petey/Hughes after their RFA deals). So we really only have the window of 22/23 to take advantage and make a push. I think a big decision is whether we view JT Miller as a Duchene piece we should trade away for premium picks and assets (blue chip prospects in the vein of Erik
  3. Looks like Jeff Gorton is available. He's a prime candidate to take over JB's role once he's promoted out of the GM position
  4. Either Gallant or Bruce Boudreau. We laugh at Boudreau's playoff exits but I think he's a good candidate with the experience and bodywork of coaching consistent playoff teams.
  5. Communication as a primary skill was another poster's argument. I'm just saying Drafting isn't the end all be all you go for in a GM. Managing and acquiring talent imo is. I'm in general very skeptical of leaders and managers who always want to be the smartest one in the room and have micromanaging any aspect of the business. It's not a winning strategy.
  6. I don't see it as a stretch that he wanted to rebuild the team that treated him so well during his career. His heart was with the wings.
  7. Gallant - his resume in Vegas and Florida speaks for itself, look at how well the culture is in both teams now. Bruce Boudreau - we laugh at his playoff exits but at least he produces a winning environment for a team to get to playoffs. That is the most important focus we need now for the core Thing is, I don't think Aqua is gonna wanna pay top dollar for these guys. Unless that whole contract drama with Green was just a passive aggressive way of forcing him out.
  8. I would think putting together one of the consistently best teams (by any slew of metrics you want to use) in the league in the Tampa Bay Lightning, and winning the first GM of the Year Award for their franchise, plays a generous part in that evaluation. Who would you put above Stevie Y? And does it discount the point? You don't need a scouting background to be a GM. It isn't the primary skillset needed.
  9. Arguably the best GM in the league, Yzerman, did not have a scouting background. And he's known for screwing up his 1st round draft picks for Tampa (DeAngelo, Druoin, Koekkoek.)
  10. We're not going to have an expectation to be competitive next year. Because the plan now is to compete in that 2 year window to make up for the offseason losses this year.
  11. We differ vastly from Detroit in the area that matters most when you are in the rebuild stage (will look even uglier if we prior years included). I agree we draft well, but we have not been leveraging our strengths, we've been undercutting it. We haven't been doing this even when the line in the sand was drawn with trading Hansen or Burrows. They were hockey trades for project players. Considering this is year 7, where 6 of the last 8 seasons were losing seasons and fans are still here caring about the team, this market could have stomached a rebuild had
  12. Agree on these points. The main reason many have lost faith in JB, he's not shown no signs even as recent as last offseason that he is shifting from this pattern of decisions in regards to his asset management, valuation and timing of his trades and pro-scouting. They are undercutting his greatest strengths at the draft. Some may call that dead horses, but I'll call it consistency the last seven years, whether we were retooling or rebuilding. I haven't seen an argument for that addresses this shortcoming aside from dismissing it, name calling and pretending it isn't hi
  13. I know we had a whole argument about semantics last week ahah, but our destiny is kinda no longer in our control, even if we run the table we need Montreal to lose almost all their remaining games.
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