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  1. Every team on the right side of the axis carries it in at a higher rate than league average. (this is 2021 data) There are some good teams that are dumping it in at around the same rate as us, the difference is they are better at converting those dump ins into scoring chances rather than losing possession on the play.
  2. I suspect we'll see a lot of Green fire emojis and graphics if this team underperforms. Oh and Alex Chiasson lol
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/EdmontonOilers/comments/q81xjk/alex_chiasson_is_a_vancouver_canuck_ladies_and/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 Got a chuckle out of me I'll admit
  4. The Good Outside that EPIC hit by Myers, this is the first game I've watched in a while where I didn't inwardly groan about a mistake he made, Myers quietly put together a solid game today and I hope he keeps this up. OEL is as advertised and I think one underrated aspect he brings to the D core is that calming stability which Edler once provided until his mobility issues caught up to him. I think his presence had much to do with Myer's improved performance. Hope he continues doing this well. Demko is without a doubt the starter this team can depend on Bo with his clutch SO goal! We stole a point when we were down 0-2 in the 3rd against a div rival in their barn. Take that and run. Headscratchers: Chiasson on the PP1? Why continue that stationary predictable playbook we've seen from last year where everyone knows we're trying to set up Petey for that one timer in that same spot? The PP2 unit found more success with some more mobility in there with OEL. No Hoglander in the shootout? Not a fan of Green's dump and chase zone entry at all
  5. Let's not ignore the entire TBL top 6 and their starting goaltender. Forwards: Point, Kucherov, Palat, Stamkos, Killorn, Cirelli, Joseph, Colton Defensemen: Hedman Goaltenders: Vasilevskiy On that note, how many of Tampa's cup winning D was made by trading drafted assets when they had value? Rutta (Koekkoek), McDonagh (Namestnikov), Sergachev (Druoin). FWIW i agree, missed my edit by just a few minutes hehe: The draft is only one part building a team. Another is being at managing your assets and extracting value. Tampa knew when to sell for the most value on players like Drouin, JT and Namestnikov. II'd like us to emulate Tampa, but I don't think Benning has been able to at that level. What have we done more? Sell high on a player when it's time to move on, or hold them till they were worth nothing?
  6. That context has nothing to do with what this thread is asking. It's not about what Gillis left Benning, but what Benning did with what the picks he received since joining. Has this team, under this regime, with the ~50 draft picks made available to them over the last 8 years from 2014-2021, been converting draft picks at an elite rate into developed roster players that play on this team? Based on the amount of UFAs that make up this roster in year 8 of this regime, that is a no. But not being elite in this doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it's just one aspect of what it takes to construct a team. But that's specifically what the thread is talking about, this one aspect.
  7. Not upset, just answering the premise of this thread. I'm not sure what else to tell you if you're looking at the fact that our team is relying more on UFAs than 90% of the league and that's your conclusion: that all teams sign UFAs. At the very least, that means this team isn't elite at filling roster spots with in house drafted and developed picks.
  8. And this is why asset management is just as important a component to a rebuild as drafting.
  9. If you're good at converting your draft picks and developing the prospects in house to long term roster spots. You wouldn't need to go to the UFA market as much to fill the gaps in your roster. And you certainly wouldn't be top 3 in the league for number of UFA contracts on your active roster to fill the holes in your team that said draft picks should be filling.
  10. Can't believe we picked Chiasson over Mac. I suspect we lose another player soon, but hope he clears.
  11. If we removed all talk that could be classified as beating a dead horse, this forum would be very quiet.
  12. Mixed is the right word. Benning went from his worst offseason since his tenure started (Tanev/Toff/Stetcher) to navigating out of his own mess as well as any management group could have. Maybe it's the Sedin effect but it certainly feels like the management group has shown to be on the same page rather than the perceived inner conflicts that had us lose guys like Brackett or Gilman. The criticism with the Miller trade wasn't about value but timing. And I think that's a legitimate criticism. Do you see Miller's career arc timing well with that of the core? Are we confident he can maintain his level of play into his 30s while Petey and Hughes hit their mid-late 20s? It has a potential to narrow the window down, as we saw only that brief 1-2 year windows when Kesler and the Sedins had that elite overlap with their age gap. I was on the opinion that the 2020 draft pick in a deep draft would contribute more to the timing of our competitive window with a cost controlled elite player than JT. And to the point that we've seen so much of our drafted players leave either via trade or waivers, the answer is no, we haven't drafted enough. I really feel that Benning undercut perhaps his most competitive advantage by continually trading away picks for that immediate help which was undercut by our pro-scouting. All the while we've seen teams like LA, NYR, Arizona stockpile multiple picks. Imagine what Benning would have done with two or three first rounders in that Petey or Hughes draft. I wouldn't be surprised if teams like LA and NYR return to relevance while we are still looking to plug our holes at RHD and the farm. There is some rope for Benning this year, but you gotta show some results by year 8. Extremely few GMs have that long a tenure and last without consistent playoffs. -------------------------- Green, I'm on the same page as you. He's gone through who knows how many assistant coaches now and although I value his skills as a communicator, his inflexibility on his system and just the fact we seem to always be hemmed in our zone giving up chances is not gonna help us long term. Can only watch dump and chase so many times haha. I think Brad Shaw is a shrewd hire, as a defensive systems coach he can work out the kinks in the roster, and he's also a coach in Benning's back pocket he had replace Green with if the results don't come. Green's seat is definitely the hottest one for me.
  13. That extra million is for the veteran presence/mentorship.
  14. Samuel Champlain and the Hudsons Bay Company Battle of the Plains of Abraham War of 1812 ('we' won!) The Metis Rebellion and Louis Riel The CPR World War 1 (Vimy Ridge!) World War 2 (3rd largest navy in the world! Juno Beach!) Avro Arrow And that is all I recall from the top of my head
  15. I still contend the biggest bullet we dodged during the JB era was not having PLD fall to 5th in the 2016 draft since we had a deal in place to trade him immediately for PK Subban. imagine if that had gone through.
  16. Depends on the bridge, 3 years could give us some flexibility, we have a cascading wave of contracts to sign in the future due for a raise. Will require some careful maneuvering. Upcoming extensions. 2022 - Boeser, Rathbone, Motte (prlly gone) 2023 - Horvat, Hoglander, Miller (without more cap room, most likely gone) 2024 - Myers $6 mill falls off for Petey + Hughes extension.
  17. Good on the Nucks and Org. I look forward to attending a lot of games this season.
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