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  1. It's not a grit issue. It's a lack of competent players issue.
  2. The highest scoring bottom six player(s) are on pace for 21-points in an 82 game season. That's a problem. A really big problem. Special teams have been part of the problem but overall roster quality is the main problem. It's easy to overlook as fans because you naturally start to like "our guys." But eventually you need to take an objective look and decide if "our guys" are even worthy of a NHL job... let alone the contracts some of them have.
  3. Yes, and you're still trying to argue he's a good GM? I'm confused.
  4. Are you straight up incapable of going through a message board thread?
  5. Again, I've stated before, I don't hate Benning. I just think the team would be better off if they moved on. I've stated my reasons why in length and I'm sick of repeating myself. The content is there if you want to look.
  6. I just reposted one on the last page. There's more too. Why don't you you actually do your own research? Google is your friend.
  7. Also I didn't even say my posts have substance. The reading comprehension is clearly not strong with this one. I've said the Benning Bro's posts have yet to have any substance. I just said I've sourced multiple articles in mine. If you don't want to see that as substance, fine.
  8. Please, please for the love of God show me what you have to back up your support for Benning. I've literally linked to over five articles that show what I'm saying is valid. I've yet to see anything of substance from you guys.
  9. I don't hate anyone. Benning is probably a great guy and seems to try hard at his job. I just think the team would be better off if they moved on.
  10. Twitter, Reddit, actually go to a bar and talk to people. Listen to the radio. I would suggest Twitter out of all the social media platforms as there's more accountability in it being a personal profile instead of people hiding behind message board avatars.
  11. Ok that's cool you can like and support Jim all you want. I don't care. I'm just asking for some valid reasons for that support. Also calling out the media is insanely stupid. Those guys literally live and breathe Canucks. They know a lot more than you do and report it accurately. I'm sorry if some of it upsets you but that doesn't mean it's not true. Again, very Trump supporter like from the Benning Bros.
  12. He was let go like months before signing in Minny. You guys are literally the ones coming up with false narratives to support jim. It's nuts hahah. Feels like arguing with Trump supporters actually. The blind loyalty is just mind-blowing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canucks-recent-ascent-fuelled-draft-choices-judd-bracketts-tenure/sn-amp/
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