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  1. I appreciate where you are coming from, but my immediate thought is.. why not both? Quinn already creates such a threat when he's on the ice, if we have another threat in our arsenal, this team gets much more lethal. The last decade has had us riddled with sub par basic d-core, no offense to a few, but this new style is so much more dynamic and fluid. Its amazing to watch and if Rathbone is 3/4 the player Hughes is, having both of them is going to be pretty damn amazing.
  2. Hughes currently has 1 more point in 5 less games, and doesn't come with the on ice issues that Tkachuk causes on the daily. Canucks could have had him, passed, and rightfully so, he isn't a Canuck in terms of what he brings.
  3. Ok, 2 very gutsy wins in a row, anyone keep track of the record without Petey, seems to be well above .500

    1. Coconuts


      It's pretty impressive how we've managed without him, hopefully he can completely recover and join us at some point 



    2. Type R

      Type R

      Horvat with Hoglander and Pearson is a pretty deadly line now, with Petey back, that gives Green two really good looking lines.  Podz will have to do some heavy lifting to crack the top 6 next year.


    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      With the Laffs goaltending, Thomas Gradin, Stan Smyl & Curt Fraser could've come out of retirement & be our 1st line and there's a good chance we still would've won.:lol:

  4. Claim him, we need the depth for team covid
  5. No way I'd trade both Horvat and Miller. Miller (although isn't one) is one of our better centers, and Bo is a beast on the draw, this would kill our depth. You are also trading away the two leaders in our group that you would hope would show Eichel the ropes as he is showing he needs that. As enticing as it is, I don't see him coming here because it would cost too much, and I'm not convinced he would replace the points needed.
  6. Got a better idea!! We flip you to the Sabres for a closet Canucks fan of theres
  7. Hate seeing people lose their job, but i find walker so very negative. Great change overall, happy to hear it!
  8.  Let just finally lose the "bubble" terminology and agree he is Demko.  This guy is lights out

  9. Virtanens best game this year?

    1. Phil_314


      Best play off the rush in his season so far.

    2. Pears


      That’s what you would call an effective 7 minutes

    3. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      Yeah, probably. Although that’s not saying much. 

  10. Its a tradeoff. Top defenceman for points right now too. I don't put this entirely on him, I do question defensive coaching of entire team, although i'd admit tonight was better.
  11. I refuse to believe Montreal is that good, this looks to me like a confidence and belief issue for the Canucks.  

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    2. -AJ-


      The historical record is heavily hurt by the 70s, especially the first four years when Vancouver was in the east and got regularly slaughtered by Lafleur, Schutt, Robinson, etc.

    3. Heretic


      BTW, in case you want to see our head to head against all teams:


    4. Coconuts


      It'd be interesting to see an more in depth look at those matchups, say.. how we've lined up against them since 1990.

  12. Agreed, and some guys should take notes from Hoglander, because jesus is he hard to knock down.
  13. JT Miller plays a heavy game, not quite power foward, but he can lay the body, same with MacEwen. This team is showing they can punish by committee. Even Petey has been chippier this year and standing his ground.
  14. My setup is geared a little differently. Sources: Nvidia Shield Pro 24TB Plex Server 2 x Technics-1210 mk2 Allen Heath Xone 42 w/ Serato Scratch Live & Hardware PS4 Pro Pre Amp / Processor Denon AVR X4300H Amps Emotiva IPS-1 (7x200w @ 4 Ohms) Speakers 2 Paradigm Studio 100v5 Gloss Black 1 Paradigm Prestige 55c Center 1 Paradigm Studio Sub 15 6 Energy Veritas Mini Surrounds Gloss Black The idea is to phase out the remaining Energy speakers and replace with more Paradigm. I may trade the Denon AVR for
  15. You know, when I look at the team as it sits, I'm wondering if Gaudette couldn't play with Bo and Pearson?  That would explain Hawryluk (sp) signing.  Ferland / Hawryluk / MacEwan would be a force!

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    2. NHL'er


      well... :ph34r:


    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i think motte has more offense in him to give. he was a good scorer in his college years. 

    4. luckylager


      They tried Gaudette on Bo's wing a bit last season and it didn't work very well.


      Gauds is still a liability and still too buttery on the boards. He will get stronger and more well rounded but I don't see that for next year. Hawyrluk is actually a great option on Gauds RW.. a Motte Gaud Hawyrluk line would push the pace with the wingers checking abilities sheltering Gaudette to some extent.


      Rooster Beagle Mac/Virt/Sutter 4th line.

      Rooster Gaudette Virt did not gel very well last season.

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