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  1. We've have pretty bad years. Especially those first round playoff exits without scoring goals. Getting swept by the Sharks. If having a good regular season satisfies you, then this team is a long ways from a Stanley Cup. Regular season means nothing. When the games matter, we don't show up. When the game tightens up, we can't score. This team has been bad for several years now. Our prospects blow, ranked one of the worst in the league (despite what CDC thinks, since they only know about Canuck prospects). We also fed on the worst division
  2. Really, just from one photo? Maybe he was thinking and was walking around It's amazing how everything is over analyzed in here.
  3. You don't? It's pretty obvious. I was saying this team sucked even when we won president's trophy 2nd time again because you can tell by how they play. Regular season means nothing if we play the wrong way. We have added barely any good players over the years while other teams have gotten better. Not only did we get worse, other teams have gotten A LOT more improvements. Sedins are not even that good, and I have no idea why people struggle to see this. They need their pretty plays to land them a goal and when teams collapse they get confused on what to do and force pass through the crease which results in a turnover. YOU NEED PLAYERS THAT WILL DRIVE THE NET AND GET DIRTY GOALS AND BRING IT TO THE NET HARD.
  4. I said this team sucked for a long time and I kept getting negative replies about the comment. Now I look like a genius. Not only is our team horrible but our prospect pool is just awful. One of the worst in the league (but Canuck fans will still find it hard to believe). It's going to be a lengthy rebuild. No cup for another 10 years +
  5. I laugh at those who only pay attention to Canucks hockey and have no knowledge of other players in the league. Your homerism brings out the ignorance in your knowledge of hockey.
  6. Only reason why those games in the past 2010 and the women hockey game yesterday seemed more intense was because they tied it near the end and it ended in OT. Games are never really that exciting if you have the lead all game.
  7. Canada didn't outplay US in net? LOL Shutout buddy Keep riding the hate
  8. Luongo would have let that slot shot in the first period in and CDCers would be asking where the defense was. Great save by Price in the slot.
  9. No it wouldn't. The heck? A goalie is changed depending on the goals he lets in. There's more to that then stats. Also, if we need to win 2-1 against Latvia, then the goalie is not even the concern. It's the offense.
  10. Learn some English Russian lover. Heard they got eliminated today.
  11. Wow you're really sensitive. God forbid an opinion.
  12. Luongo sucks, get over it fan boys. Constantly injured plus inconsistent this season.
  13. Torts understands this game and how to win. Unfortunately our players are not suited for his type of play because we have a bunch of perimeter players who fail to crash the net hard when given the opportunity. This is why we can't score in the playoffs. Torts isn't the problem. The team just blows and is hella fragile with no confidence whenever things go wrong.
  14. Hey wait, I thought hating on the team meant being a bandwagoner.
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