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  1. Haven't paid attention to hockey in a while. What's the situation with Doan?

    1. Xbox


      UFA. Deciding between Van, NYR and Phx

  2. All I do at work is surf CDC and get paid.

    1. Phil_314


      a friend of mine plays the Avengers game on Facebook and gets paid... his supervisor doesn't even care lol

    2. Denguin


      Sounds like my old job... Made $10.50 and hour when the minimum wage was still around $8-ish too!

  3. 1 day and 34 mins before Diablo 3 release.

    1. :D


      This is the big-time, boys

  4. I get paid to surf CDC

  5. It wouldn't be fair to compare only the drafting. The development staff have a lot to do with the players we draft as well. Nashville is great at developing defensemen
  6. No matter who has Shanny's job, he'll be considered inconsistent. There's no way to satisfy every single fan base in the league.

  7. Calm down people. Series isn't even over yet. Win 1 and take the momentum. Win 2, and then ride the snowball effect

    1. ilduce39


      ...especially with the best road team in hockey. Time to cash in that experience.

    2. JustJokinen!


      Absolutely. But all the same problems remain. Coaches cannot adapt, players repeat the same mistakes, our best players let us down. Difficult to be optimistic right now.

  8. Bet on the Canucks to win tomorrow. Free Money


    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ask for a rewrite on the basis of religious(Playoff hockey)obligations :P

  10. Crosby with 2 goals against Bruins. 1 period to go

  11. Crosby 4 points with a period to go. Can end tonight with a 1.66 PPG

    1. Perry Henis

      Perry Henis

      damn it, i want buffalo to make the playoffs

    2. CaboosterJuice
  12. Crosby is such a good player

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ṣpiderman


      lol, yes I know I'm stating the obvious but I couldn't help it =]

    3. Stick-in-Rink


      Crosby makes you tingly, I get it.

    4. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      He is a Ferrari

  13. Crosby with 3 points today.

    1. wtpasc


      he never missed a beat it seems. I mean, I know he's a great athlete and all, but to come back with 5 points in his first 2 games back... wow

    2. CanucksBen


      he is ???? unreal

    3. gragnanifan1


      this guy is unbelievable

  14. Kassian vs Hodgson threads all day every day

    1. Rhinogator


      cdc stupidity all day everyday. before the deadline its all proposals and speculation. now its back to whin

      ing and pissing.

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