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  1. Just responded to you regarding Mike gillis interview, please check it out. I'm at tonights game in section 320, am an 11 game ice pack holder. I'll be wearing a Golden Knights jersey as I am an ice pack holder of the canucks and Vegas as well, cheers. If your at tonights game I'll buy you a beer and we can  chat that painful 2011 loss, cheers Anthony

    2018-19 Golden Knights Schedule .jpg


    1. TheGuardian_


      I surrendered my season tickets a few years ago so I don't go very often. Maybe another time. I drink beer :)

    2. vancouverbucsfan


      After tonights meltdown I might give up on my ice pack next season starting! Getting disappointed with the team and their progress. Should have at least got a tie tonight and a point rather than Delsaster taking a dumb penalty that cost us the game! Grrr!

  2. I'll be at the March 3rd game. I'm an ice pack holder of both the Canucks and Vegas.Have an 11 game ice pack of both teams