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  1. You are in the wrong. If you google search southern resident killer whale they are on the US endangered species list. Team should have done a Johnny Canuck alternate third jersey when they did their sprite can version of the jersey last season and proceeded to lose all 4 games in them when they wore them. Hopefully a matter of time before they finally come to their collective senses and finally do one to please us fans(myself a yearly 11 game ice pack holder since 1997) that would like to see it.
  2. Spooky buddy!! How's it going my man? Your thoughts on Thatcher Demko and his new Johnny Canuck merchandise line of hats and clothing as well as his Canucks goalie mask in a Johnny Canuck theme?
  3. So your thoughts then on Thatcher Demko doing a Johhny Canuck design on his helmet as well as his clothing line?
  4. yes go back to playing in that mentally challenged league your in, I'm sure your excelling in it lol!
  5. Must all be enjoying the LOSING lol! And the GOOFY LOOKING CONSTIPATED ORCA team logo to boot lmao, later haters! Doubt the great ownership group will be firing Benning and Green so keep on enjoying LOSING hockey here in Vancouver for many more years to come!
  6. Bye- guess your vocabulary is pretty slim to none if that's all you can say. Must be mentally challenged buy your one word responses along with a lot of others posting here. Yes looks official now, must like the LOSING! Keep on dreaming about that championship that'll never happen! LMAO! Later!
  7. Yes it's pretty much official tonight, BYE! Lol! Just keep on enjoying watching them LOSE and dream about us ever winning a cup(or a Stanley Cup ring real one photo included lol) with this team and ownership cause it'll never ever happen. Until the team finally decides to scrap their ridiculous orca jersey or make it a third jersey and finally do a Johnny Canuck one the CURSE will remain in place, later haters, be back in a few months time once again to read your vitriol so make sure you all get your covid vaccine shots in the meantime and try to stay safe, lol! Things are certainly messy eh?
  8. I hope they keep on LOSING! No Johnny Canuck on front of the jersey and/or not doing one as an alternate reason why.
  9. Hope all of you are enjoying the LOSING! Team will be forever cursed until they finally do a third jersey with Johnny Canuck on the front of it!
  10. Way the team is playing might be a good idea to start cheering for another team. Hope Rogers Arena is EMPTY with fans being so put off at the team losing that they no longer want to go spend good $ to watch the current garbage on display!
  11. I happen to be a 'fan' that has had an 11 game ice pack as well as a half a season 22 game ice pack since 1997, I spend money to go watch the club play! Team needs to do something new and different like the jersey I mention. Hope all of you are enjoying the LOSING!
  12. yep and the team still is LOSING with their ridiculous constipated cartoon orca whale on the front of their jersey! Soon to be extinct off of our coastal waters just like the team currently is extinct! A change of some sort certainly could've been used like an alternate lumberjack jersey, not trolling here so keep on enjoying the losses adding up lol! I rest my case!
  13. WINLESS in the retros 4 straight games! Not putting a Johnny Canuck crest as something new and different cursed the teams play in them. Signing off, be back in a few months time to read all you Johnny Canucks haters comments until then take care and good night! Lol!
  14. Guess it's quite ironic that the team went WINLESS in the new jersey, lol! And they even had a contest that they were going to be giving away a free jersey for every goal they scored but they didn't even score lmao! You see not rightfully putting a Johnny Canuck logo on the new retros cursed the team! I rest my case, later haters! Lol! I'll be back in like 3 to 6 months to read your vitriol comments back, cheers lol! The lemon was appropriate of the teams play while donning that jersey!
  15. Glad to see the team go WINL:ESS 4 straight games in their new sprite Benning LEMONS jersey! Didn't even score a goal to give out free jersey prizes lol!
  16. Nice to see the team go WINLESS in their new reverse jersey retros! Had a promotion too that the team was going to give away a free retro jersey for every goal they scored, lol! They failed to score in them! Putting the orca on the retro instead of Johnny JINXED the team! LOL! I rest my case! Later! The sprite lemon is apropriate for Benning's LEMONS in the whale reverse retros!
  17. They could've done something DIFFERENT and new and what a lot of the fans like young kids and some of us adults would've like to have seen(A Johnny Canuck alternate third jersey perhaps?) Didn't say ownership 'sucks". Being a 'retro' jersey it could've gone back into the WHL playing days. Not at all surprised that the team went WINLESS in the new reverse retros and they didn't even score a goal on two occasions when they had a promo that they were going to be giving out free jerseys! Lol! Not putting Johnny canuck on the jersey JINXED the team! I rest my case! Later haters! LMAO! P.S. I get lots of compliments on the Johnny Canuck jersey from fellow fans while shopping at Cotsco, Walmart, etc. They tell me team should have gone with this concept!
  18. yes another regional logo lover posting. The Southern Resident Killer whale is on the US endangered species list if you do some research. Not as prevalent in our waters any longer. The Ducks and Penguins logo are just as cartoon looking as well. Not saying the team needs to make a change but adding a Johnny Canuck third jersey wouldn't be too ridiculous. Lots of folks and especially the young kids like the lumberjack so it certainly wouldn't hurt the teams sales if they came up with one finally.
  19. Sorry, his rant was right. They ultimately hired Torterella after not listening to Mike Gillis telling him his style of coaching and our players didn't match. Linden told them a year later after the damage was done right? And Linden wanted to do a slow gradual credible rebuild where as they wanted a quick fix to get us into the playoffs to max out on $. Luigi was like if the Bruins missed the playoffs a few years back(think what 5 years a go or so) and did a house cleaning how were they able to turn things around so quickly and go back to the finals where as we the Canucks can't?!?!
  20. Little things in general like how about a new Johnny Canuck alternate third jersey perhaps like a lot of the fans would like to see done? Most of the fan base is divided on the team's logo and identity. How about getting it right after 50 plus seasons? We have had everything from the Oh Henry bar jersey, the spaghetti plate logo, the snickers bar jersey etc. Simple request there., get the teams logo right finally.
  21. Yes and what did Dallas end up doing if you recall last season? After their owner publicly called two of his best players out that he felt were underperforming? Oh yea, that's right they made it to the Stanley Cup final and lost in six hard fought games to the eventual champion Tampa Bay Lightning right?
  22. Keith Olbermann in a youtube rant says he is the leagues WORSE owner. Google it and see. And I agree with him, he is the leagues worse owner. Micromanages the team. Linden couldn't put up with their act. Only interested in a full house arena and making $. Yes they spend $ but they don't listen to their fan base for any requests. Sorry, not sold! We'd have been better off imho had Gaglardi and Beetie the Stars current owners had bought the team at the time. They at least are in tune and listen to the Dallas fan base. Keep on dreaming about getting one of these pictured below. Not gonna happen with this ownership!
  23. The current logo they currently have is just as ridiculous. Looks like a Hanna Barbera cartoon character as well. A constipated orca whale breaking through a sheet of ice! SMH! Even had the team gone with a retro with this logo on it and had worn it as an alternate I'd have no issues with it. Team should have done something different especially for their 50th anniversary. I'll keep on proudly wearing and buying the Johnny Canuck merchandise and will proudly wear my jersey at future Canucks home games once we fans are allowed back in to Rogers, and receive a lot of positive comments on the jersey, cheers haters!
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