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  1. lorde wins...best rock song?

    1. BanTSN
    2. Ghostsof1915


      The Black Keys are our last hope and even that's looking shaky.

  2. homer no function beer well without

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    2. Kran


      Na na na na na na na na Leader

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Bonjoooour, ya cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      A bit o' sun and two 100ft long patches later Dangles is satisfied >)

  3. maybe it was because the rags played better?!?

  4. Adbusters magazine makes me want to gouge out my own eyes omg

    1. Baka


      Offer $1,000,000 to let some rich scrub gouge them out for you.

  5. A Ducks win will cap off this evening nicely

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Hell yeah dude :D Go Ducks !!!!!

    2. dragon4401


      Go Kings...I wanna see the cup again #33Mitchell

  6. Just bought a 1st edition "Cannery Row" by Steinbeck for 2 bucks at a used bookstore wooo

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    2. Dr.Strangelove


      Yeah the dust cover's for older books are super rare so it's always super cool to find them.

      Regardless it sounds like it has a good home and as someone who loves books it's always great to hear about other peoples cool finds

    3. Baka
    4. Ghostsof1915


      Read Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte, it shows how book obsession can go. Or any kind of collecting.

  7. Oz makin' me tear up

  8. I've had the Connemara peated malt. Very good.
  9. I've got a feeling that Florida is going to win the lottery.

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    2. kodos


      Nailed it

    3. Warhippy


      good call. Still think it's damned shady that we don't get to see the lottery happen

    4. kodos


      Agreed. And I picked Florida partially through the lens of what the NHL would like to see happen.

  10. i just forgot what my age was

  11. i have watched 12 hours of Oz in the last 2 days and do not plan on stopping

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    2. nux4lyfe


      I remember watching that show religiously...memories man..and I want in on this brewery too!

    3. CatsPajamas


      i've heard there is a lot of man on man rape in that show... maybe I should check it out...

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Kodos Nux is in on this ; D

  12. glassjaw why don't you answer my phonecalls

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    2. kodos


      he just doesn't know that he needs me, you know?

    3. LeanBeef


      Trust me, he's moved on and doesn't need you anymore

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I thought we were drinking off into the sunset ? :(

  13. glassjaw willl you join my new band on bass

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    2. CatsPajamas


      shut up kodos



      make another status update about me, kodos

    4. kodos


      play with us, glassjaw. forever and ever.

  14. i'm thinking of a boy named GJ *~*~

    1. kodos


      why he run that hard game

    2. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      George Jetson?

    3. BananaMash


      George Jetson total DILF

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