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  1. With out criminal charges I know of no legal way to force him to stay.
  2. So new Blue Jay reliever Hand pitching in the top of 8th, watches as Bichette misses Vladdy at first, and then nobody is covering home plate as the KC player goes from 1st to home. Welcome to the team new guy.
  3. I'd like to see how many double vaccinated get regular garden variety covid, then end up in hospital, then end up passing Then compared to non vaccinated folk and then compare to the Delta variant numbers.
  4. Nice bass line, lyrics were good till he got to LOUD and soft. Iirc the opposite of LOUD is quiet?
  5. Funny, imagine actually tracking posts to try and give your self the ego boos of proving yourself right, in your own opinion.
  6. Indonesia with 1,759 deaths today so far India 596 Russia 794 Brazil over 550,000 total fatalities Peru has a 9.3% mortality rate Mexico 8.5% If they can't get vaccinated, in a hurry, they are doomed. https://www.covid-19canada.com/
  7. Then you need to wait till, after the Canucks try to move him, if they ever do; to say that it wasn't easy. Speculation is just that.
  8. It also doesn't mean he will not be easy to 'get rid of'.
  9. Richards in LA. and iirc a couple of others. Canucks got hosed the most, so far, but not the only team. Despite the league changing the rule again, to spread the pain of Weber's re capture, if he retires, Nashville will be on the hook for some payback
  10. At absolute worst, Poolman is a maximum of $1.5 mill of dead space. I mean he breaks a leg, and never plays another game or even practices for the team. Scratch that, that would be ok, as he'd go on ltir. So instead he plays a few games and stinks up the place so badly people start yelling" Dress Baumer". Still $1.5 mill in dead space.
  11. Florida did ok, and they were the team Lou retired on.
  12. Mc David gets traded to Canucks for Michael Ferland's contract. Second post in thread, not trying to joke " Wish they could have got Draisaitl instead"
  13. Dyslexia, snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, again.
  14. Quick what if; let's turn this in to a Canuck comparison: If the Canucks had know about the now multiple allegations against Jake, and had done nothing for years. Fans would be burning player jerseys on the street, and the protest in front of the rink would result in the immediate dismissal of almost everyone in the head office.
  15. People closer to the team would know if Charlie makes up for his in game errors, through his out of game prep and training; but I do wonder if they would be better with a new boss. The recent batting order change looked ok till the part where Vladdy and Bo got split up, like why? Edit Sure put Springer in lead off, was supposed to be his job to start the year so no problem. Vlad as 2, ok, but Bo as 4th. why?
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