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  1. I tried, I really, really, tried to just let this part go; but dammit, I can't. lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachman–Turner_Overdrive "Their 1970s catalogue included five Top 40 albums and six US Top 40 singles (eleven in Canada). BTO has five certified Gold albums and one certified Platinum album in the US; in Canada, they have six certified Platinum albums and one certified Gold album. The band has sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide, and has fans affectionately known as "gearheads"[2] (derived from the band's gear-shaped logo). I now return you to your pre
  2. Clapton was/is fantastic, however I've always wondered how he would have done if he didn't copy J.J. Cale tunes and sound. Throw Mark Knopfler in there too, least as far as sound goes.
  3. I'm not sure I would allow plea deals in this case. Would take a lot of thought before I'd ease up on this type of activity. imo a very loud message must be sent and set.
  4. He was great that day, but other than him inspiring this song, not my guy. Speaking of great guitarists, the guys playing here are a true "who is who". The line-up of "Accidental Suicide": Mick Taylor, Eric Clapton, Harvey Mandel (lead guitars), Sugarcane Harris (violin), Larry Taylor (bass guitar), John Mayall (rhythm guitar, harmonica and vocal).
  5. Hendrix was very, very good, but I'd take Page over him; even though I couldn't stand Zep, least till the stereo was good enough that I could understand just what Plant was singing. doesn't matter though as S.R.V. was better than both.
  6. Vancouver Bands: B.T. O, Trooper, Nazerath, Prism, Brian Adams, Michael Buble, Chilliwack, Streetheart, Headpins and on and on..... Big Bussiness started in Vancouver. MacMillan/Bloedel Jimmy Pattison Enterprises A vibrant film industry Formerly a huge video gaming industry and so forth. OMG Why won't they let J.T. Miller talk again, are they muzzling him? The above is for @Imm
  7. You talked about E.P.'s" creative process" being limiited by being turned into a two way player, I gave an example of a former offensive jugernaut, that used to get more points than Petey has ever had; being turned into a two player that won 3 cups.
  8. Just where did I say that? If you pay closer attention to these zoom press conferences you will begin to notice that different players are brought out to talk at different times. Sharing the misery of dealing with idiotic media.
  9. How many cups did Steve Yzerman win when he scored over 100 points a season? ............................ 0 How many did he win when he scored less than 100 points ....................................... 3
  10. The team decides who speaks to the media, at these zoom calls.
  11. The team decides who speaks to the media, at these zoom calls.
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