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  1. He is just doing his Stan Bowman impression. Stan's whole letter of resignation was about shifting and mitigating the blame.-like he was the victim.
  2. No, all covid vaccines are optional, except for those working in hospitals, care homes and marine transportation. All else is the employers choice to implement or not, afaik. Apparently you have missed the last 2 years, when people were repeatedly informed that the flu and covid are not the same thing.
  3. HMRC's Harry DeWolf arriving in San Diego- heading for the Panama canal, then up the east coast, back to Halifax.
  4. I wanted him rather than Hogdson, while my buddy preferred Cody. For years it looked like my friend was right, but now we know a good reason that Beach never made it.
  5. Half of the fine is already going to charities in the Chicago area that deal with victims of sexual assault/ Also the Olympics have completely separate boards and committees to decide if they wish to punish a person; nothing to do with what the NHL decides.
  6. Very worth remembering that 37 people did not respond or flat out refused to cooperate - because without that knowledge a person could assume that; Keith was not interviewed, by the law firm out of a belief that Keith had no knowledge to be disclosed.
  7. Made him easier prey for Aldrich, kid was already feeling like an outsider, borderline guy trying to stay in the show.
  8. Watching the Panthers game home broadcast, from puck drop till now, part way through the first intermission and no mention of coach Q's conduct.
  9. Not vaccinated, at all people, excluding those under 12, equals 10.3% of the population 10.3% of pop makes up 68.2% of hospitalizations Fully vaccinated 12 and over equals 84.7% of the population, but only 25.2% hospitalizations. Math for the win.
  10. gurn

    NFL thread

    I'm in "blow it up and rebuild" camp. Get something important for the future, because they have no "now". Thing being if Russ is going then probably time for coach to go to. Seattle, the dynasty that wasn't. They were done on the play they didn't hand off to Lynch. Never the same and only shadows of what they were.
  11. Interesting, but I'm not sure if the fine is "just" for screwing up the first investigation or for everything that has happened. I'll have to go back and read the league's statement. And here it is "for the organization’s inadequate internal procedures and insufficient and untimely response in the handling of matters related to former video coach Brad Aldrich’s employment with the Club and ultimate departure in 2010.""
  12. You, and many others, make the mistake of assuming this is about physical strength, when it is actually about POWER. You apparently didn't read or have already forgotten the threats that this coach was using. Some time of introspection and educating yourself on issues like this would probably be good for you.
  13. Mentioning the age lends a bit of weight to the Blackhawk legal defense of "because player x was of adult age, we owed no legal obligation."
  14. $2 million dollar fine. Woop de do. Canucks are eating $3 mill of cap space, this year, and all those others; as punishment for a deal that was allowed under the rules
  15. It is much, much worse than that. Stan is actually trying to make himself into the victim: "while serving in my first year as general manager" Plays a bit on sympathy card- I was young, not my fault, blame the guy that hired me. "I was made aware of potential inappropriate behaviour by a then video coach involving a player Lessening the crime that was committed, and attempting to lessen the role of the coach by stating the coach's role on the team. Minor coach, who cares right? He did not try to locate the player, if he was not told who it was; or go and talk to that player if he knew who it was. " I promptly reported the matter to the then-President and CEO who committed to handling the matter" Again attempting to lesson the crime down to a "matter" " I learned this year that the inappropriate behaviour involved a serious allegation of sexual assault." Gee Stan you had 10 freaking years to look into this! Also all allegations of sexual assault are serious! " Looking back, now knowing he did not handle the matter promptly, I regret assuming he would do so. Once again using "matter", and glossing over the 10 year gap between him being informed, telling his boss; and now being regretful that nothing had been done over the previous DECADE. spends the last paragraph building up what a great town, team, players and fans that Chicago has, already forgetting that some of those players literally participated in the verbal assault of the victim in this case MOST IMPOERTANT OF ALL: Not a freaking word of sympathy, empathy or regret for the anguish the actual victim in all of this went through. Stan Bowman I here by judge you as scum, the lowest of the low.
  16. Make the $2 mill count against the cap, next season, otherwise it is pocket change to the owners.
  17. If I ever win a lotto, I'm getting one of those. Awesome idea.
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