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  1. Someone should necrobump a Shane O'Brien thread so it'll show up as Canucks Sign Shane........

  2. What time on Sunday does free agency start?

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    2. :D


      9AM Pacific on the Telervision

    3. peener


      sweet i thought it was 12pst thanks

    4. SOB for MVP
  3. this new CDC is kinda laggy for me :(

    1. CanucksLegacy


      i honestly liked the old on better...maybe it's just me...

  4. my angus is prepared

    i don't think i'll make even 1 of those games lol weekdays are horrible for me

  5. I don't know how. I've contributed nothing of value to this forum. What's worse is that there are people with like a 2000+ rep

    Are you prepared for our 0-6 haxball season?

  6. reputation: 1034

    holy tits

  7. You're better than me doe.

  8. we must 1v1 to prove who is the very best that no one ever was

  9. Kanucks said that it won't be announced till after the weekend but he also said that he would be surprised if it was after the weekend.

    Bad contradiction but understandable since he made them once in a status update and once in a CDC post hours later. It's easy to forget what you really said.

  10. Anyway, I'm pretty sure your "source" is full of crap.

    This: just recieved confirmation that deal to grab Perry to be done by 9PM EST Saturday

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