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  1. I just love that this is based around pigs. It has motivated me to finish Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  2. That is a serious offer and I don't even like the Lakers prospects. It also looks like Davis and his agent are really trying their hardest to swing this away from Boston without tampering lol
  3. I think the Knicks are interesting. Despite them getting blasted for the KP trade (a man I honestly think is an entitled diva) they could enter next season as contenders. GS has been considering the negatives of breaking up the splash brothers. When Klay missed the game again the 76ers, Curry was 10-18 from 3 and the rest of the team including Durant was 1-20 from 3 as they lost to a team that really didn't see great efforts from all their stars. Is Durant ends up out even if because he was less of a priority he could want his own team and end up in NY. If that happens they suddenly have a lot of assets. Contending for the #1 pick this year plus the Mavs pick over 2 years a team that is a lottery team now and KP likely not returning this year. They have crazy good assets and could emerge to make a serious play for AD in the offseason as well as the big FA splash.
  4. I actually think making the teams city based was extremely smart marketing. I mentioned this before but the Fusion owned by Comcast get marketing as a team through the major Philly sports scene. The Flyers who share their colors with the team place the Fusion logo along the rink space and their was a banner hanging on the Wells Fargo center by I-95 that printed the Fusion logo with the other Philly major sports teams by it. They also have viewing parties at Xfinity live which is the large sports bar complex by the stadiums in Philadelphia that is the hot spot for Philly sports outside of the stadium. The city brand lets them really market the product to a large amount of people beyond just gamers and those who support a team because of it's overlap. I had a friend who loves all Philly sports and only rooted for them after I mentioned watching because I said the game was Philly vs Boston which has it's own passion between the cities. If I take her the game was FaZe clan vs Cloud9 we both know she wouldn't have cared even slightly lol. In addition I don't think it harms individuality in a the sport. The players are all heavily marketed, they earn reputations among the league for example I will use Philly again. Philly's off tank became the standard reference for huge Dva bomb kills often referenced as Poko bombs even in games he was not in. Neptuno became known as the the most dangerous battle Mercy in the game for his kills on the heavy support based character. Fragi literally became a crowd favorite despite being known for feeding and being too reckless because his style was so unique. Twitch is also ultra interactive unlike your main sports all these players play on Twitch where people can interact with them as they play or do whatever they want. You can also play they game yourself on ladder and run into these players in casual modes or if you get high enough rank or simply by subscribing to their channels and playing in their pick up game lobbies for subs they host occasionally. I think the city base only helps players brands. I also mentioned this was well before. While it doesn't top all NHL games Overwatch was getting around 180k viewers for its games on twitch which is more than most regular hockey games and even higher than some of the lower tier Stanley cup finals hockey games in past years. While more people don't know about it than hockey teams it's still showing a strong crowd. As for the Vancouver Titans being a thing in 50 years that would be shocking lol. The market works much differently and it would be crazy if OW kept a market that long. One thing about videogames is how long they control the market. Games can stick with a pro scene for over a decade but people will shift to better made games as they come out as do many pro players. But I do expect the market to only grow and city based teams to become more and more common for stretches. I feel community and teamwork are more stressed in games because everyone is limited/balanced to the same kids to complete an objective. Regular sports while having the same fundamental objectives and kits to achieve them have the variable of everyone playing having a different balance to their kit and ability to maximize their objectives based on their physical ability. At the pro level it floats into coaching with how to handle what your players strengths and weaknesses to stop various superior talents but at lower tiers its often just being at the mercy of those who are more physically gifted. With games you can just focus on playing strategy with a balanced scale to plan.
  5. The rules should be buffed and it should be create a story 3 words at a time
  6. I couldn't tell you how many times I have driven my car drunk or high too. The first time I did it it was late AMs and I took the risk of since it was in the quite forest suburban area literally following 1 road for a few miles past 1 traffic light that I knew like the back of my hand. It was a 1 lane road with no sidewalk and you usually don't see any other vehicles on the road. I also drove a convertible and would put the top down so the wind would hit my face and their was limited chance of any smell sticking to me or the car in case I did get pulled over (which has never happened). I got confident because I felt I focused way more on driving like a model citizen than when I am sober. Hands at 10 and 2, perfect speed to the limit, and I focus on the road and street signs which I have memorized lol. Though at this point when I go out to drink I usually just use Uber or crash on a friends couch or guest room. I hate driving in general. I usually barely pass 1000 miles driven per year now
  7. The first part of what you quoted is really the relevant part. Most people who gave an opinion in this thread were people who were triggered at the very idea of video games being associated as sports. Yet not a single person who was triggered knew a thing about the game and how it follows the exact same format as a sport. Their is a reason one is called sport and the other is called Esport. The fundamental approach to it is exactly the same. Their is a reason the ultra athlete at your local gym can't just walk into pro sports league.
  8. That looks like a glass dick
  9. As a Weeb... Weebs are so annoying
  10. I became a Whiskey man in Tokyo since Nikka and Suntory were everywhere and it was so smooth to me. Then I went to Thailand and bought Whiskey from a 12 year old who was helping her mom run the shop and it tasted like paint thinner. I drank it all though. Can't even remember the brand.
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