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  1. The NBA is really the league to play in. 153 million over 5 years for a 9 year Vet who has never been an all star. 64 million over 4 years for a bench player who scored 15 points in 13 playoff games (making 16 million a year now). 70 million for a #2 overall pick years ago who was considered a bust. Meanwhile Hockey players are signing contracts for half that at twice as long with risk of brain damage xD 

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    2. zzbottom


      LeBron James is an exception. He is a once-in-a-lifetime player who serves as an ambassador to the league. Players like Mike Conley are cogs. 

    3. Baka


      I understand the logic of it but it is still a huge jump for the NBA. The MVP of the league is on a 4 year contract for 44 million. A player who has never been an all star is making 30 million a year and a player who came off the bench is making more xD


      The NFL's Brady, Wilson, and Newton all have a combined guaranteed amount of money that is less than what Conley got xD

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      Twilight Sparkle

      we movin on wup, to da east siide