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  1. Man i miss Burr. Other then Horvat and Hogz, i just cant get behind these guys like I did in the Sedin era.
  2. The eastern teams, especially American, are going to naturally get more votes. The guys voting aren't staying up and watching western teams play. This isnt new.
  3. They overpaid by a ton. Its almost as if teams are trying hard to convince themselves that these guys are more valuable than they are.
  4. Theyre working to pay back the fellas in the old country.
  5. No team is going to worry about any player on our club. Other teams have free reign to wreck any of our guys. Isnt the fact he could fight. The guy showed when put with Horvat that he could contribute. He was an excellent skater with size and intensity. Benning and Green just threw away Gadj and Mac.
  6. Mac could play hockey. When given the opportunity the year before last, he proved it. Cant believe we threw away Lind, Gadj and Mac within a few weeks of one another. We are the softest team in the league that just gets smaller each year.
  7. Thats no excuse for a professional player making that much. Youll never see elite players using that excuse yet we love making it for all our guys.
  8. Playing defense is a completely different beast than forward. Hughes is small framed. He doesnt have the physical makeup to defend at this level.
  9. Rathbone cant defend, so im not sure how you expect him to be good. Cup contending teams dont have one dimensional D's.
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