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  1. Why Dipietro? This guy has all the tools to be a star in this league. Need him once Demko starts demanding too much. And would rather give them Rathbone then Woo. This team needs skilled dmen that play as intense as Jett.
  2. Agreed. Nuck fans live in a fantasy world.
  3. You think anyone is taking that crap for Reinhart ? No one wants Rafferty.
  4. Hell of a player. Would be perfect fit here, but we dont have the assets nor the cap.
  5. How do you compare what Bo does to one dimensional Brock. Garret is ridic at times.
  6. Miller-Petey-Boeser got wrecked 5 on 5. No way should we keep those 3 together if we want to contend for playoffs next yr.
  7. Yes, he can be a perennial 70 plus point player. Definitely our most talented player.
  8. Who in the blue hell is Reid Bouchard? Lind is a good player with tons of potential. The kid competes hard and has skill. This team is going to need the Gadjs and Linds types down the road.
  9. Why would Tampa give us a top 6 stud like Cirrelli for overpaid Schmidt?
  10. Keep dreaming. Hughes is the worst defensive player weve ever had, and weve had some bad ones. Hes incapable of playing the body, battling or playing with any intensity in the dzone.
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