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  1. Hughes doesnt defend though and likely will never be able to.
  2. Adding Podz is an overpayment. Id give them Rath and Schmidt
  3. Ny Post is a joke. Run by same ppl as Fox news.
  4. Hes like that bimbo David Booth and that blockhead Tom Sestito all in one.
  5. Did you watch him play in the playoffs? He was a beast every shift out there. Id take Hall on this team anyday. The guy won league MVP a few years ago. That doesnt happen unless you have high hockey iq.
  6. Not even close. Tampa had Stamkos, Point, Kucherov, Cirelli, Hedman, Sergachev, Cernak with a wicked support cast. We have Petterson, Horvat, OEL, and maybe Hogz who play the type of all around game you need your core guys to play to contend. We are about 5 players away.
  7. Like it.. but maybe lets give Bo more talent for once. Khaira with Dickinson and Mackewan would be a beast of a 4th line.
  8. Can play him on Bo's RW until Podz is ready. We need size in top 6 and cant go into next yr with the smurfs we have now.
  9. Getzlaf still has a lot left in the tank. Maybe hes not as quick aa he used to be, but he was always pretty strong on his skates and still is. Probably still has some of the best hands in the game. He would look really good as a 3c and allow us to roll 3 lines. Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin Miller - Petterson - Boeser Garland - Getzlaf - Dickinson Motte - Graovac - Mackewan
  10. Why would we trade OJ? He could still develop into a top pairing dman for us. He has the physical tools to do so.. he just needs to experience .
  11. Wouldnt say Rathbone has emerged. Hes still a prospect and could still turn out to be a at best a depth guy or ahler. This board jumped the gun and thought highly of Chatfield and Rafferty and look what happened. Regardless, i agree that Schmidt doesnt fit on this club. Hes too soft a player and we already have Huggybear who is the softest dman in the game. We need at least 4 other dmen that can play tough.
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