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  1. He thinks and plays like a centre which is always good. I think hes going to surprise this fanbase and become a regular. The more i think about it, its looking like JB has a plan to offload LE.
  2. Really good signing by JB. Skilled, smart player with a dog on bone work ethic. Could surprise us.
  3. Amen brother. Ive been shaking my head at half the garbage thats come out on this thread. Some Nuck fans here are living in fantasy land. Petro and Theodore might be the best and most complete pairing in hockey, if put together.
  4. Itd be the smallest top pairing in league history. Schmidt would work best for Edler As for why some fans are not too happy... it has mostly to do with the cap hit and how whether some fans want to admit it or not, will increasingly handcuff the club in the near future. Im a believer in Benning.. havent spoken negatively about him up until this deal. In comparison to contending teams, Vancouver is severly lacking in high end defensmen and the best we can hope for now is OJ making a huge jump because theres no way this team can sign or afford actual top pairing guys at this point.
  5. Exactly. This move handcuffs us and keeps us behind a bunch of clubs in the conference.
  6. By the sounds of some of the posters in this thread youd think he was in their company.
  7. Edlers was a better player and the heart and soul of our d. I understand fans on these boards get excited seeing new players on the team but having a 4th dman eat up 6 mill of our cap is going to handcuff us for years down the road. Benning panicked.
  8. Hes not top pairing. Hes 30 yrs old and hes going to eat up 6 mill of our cap until ges 36. Im a big believer in Benning, but this was a brutal. How do you justify not signing Tanev now?
  9. Always liked Granlund. Legit top 6. Hed work well with either Petey or Bo.