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  1. Yep, I’ve seen enough of hunt to know he isn’t a great replacement option if you don’t have to. Burroughs should stay, he’s earned it.
  2. Heh, that back and forth with juice gave me a solid chuckle. I like this panel.
  3. If you can do both, you become marriage material. ive been playing out of my league for something like 12 years now.
  4. I only disagree with the joulevi dollar figure. Unless he turns it around he’s a replacement level player. He should be paid as one. rathbone looks like he may project to a top4 D, might command a little more.
  5. Honestly, I’d feel a lot better if harmonic was with the group. Looking pretty thin on the right side.
  6. Looks like we are forced to find out.
  7. I was impressed with poolmans play last night. noticeable for the right reasons.
  8. Awful lot of "too much man" calls on myers from what i saw. maybe he's gotta perfect the squat while running dudes over.
  9. Im thinking we are a bit short on snarl and a #1/2 RHD to go for a real deep playoff run. Absolutely convinced this is a team thats in the playoffs this year tho.
  10. ah going for the Willie Mitchell moves. good on ya eagle.
  11. I was just thinking that i should hit the free agent market. Im a 38yo bottom pairing Beer league RHD, maybe a tryout contract. probably get a shot with the oilers now that the RHD market is dried up.
  12. if ferland is fit to play, you waive baer and erickson. if he isnt, you can keep one or both up. we are ok i think.
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