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  1. The important thing to note about all these vaccines. J and J included is that some weeks after getting them, your chance of being hospitalized or killed by COVID is essentially 0. The 62% is referring to the fact that you have a reduced chance at getting COVID, which is great, but you won't die from it, or get really sick. With Astrazeneca now available, that means that the restrictions will be lifted sooner and less people will die / get really sick. I would gladly take J and J or Astrazeneca if offered to me and would be very happy if offered to my family and friends too.
  2. The reason Canada is only at 1% is because we don't have enough vaccines here. If you look at countries across the EU, you will also see slow vaccination rates. Very few countries will be able to replicate when Israel is doing, Canada will be like many other western nations in vaccinating and seeing great improvements in the Spring/Summer due to other vaccinations coming online, increased vaccination importations, and warmer weather. Stop comparing and look to the future! We are on our way out of this.
  3. Does anyone have the 3 on 3 video from yesterday? Thanks from Germany!
  4. Does anyone have a streaming link to the game?? Please PM me! Greetings from Germany! (Cheering for canada)
  5. Anyone have a streaming site for someone abroad? my usual ones arent working. Thanks
  6. Why are you so angry? It's ok man. We are going to get through this pandemic together! No need to be angry. Stuff happens in life!
  7. Though the case number rose higher today, Its important to note that the rate of infection actually decreased. All the social distancing is helping and must continue (that means everyone doing their part and more so now). A super dynamic process. Cases will rise here in BC, the hope is that it doesn't rise too much.
  8. Makes sense to do points %. Then everyone is on a better playing field. More so than pure points right now imo.
  9. Doesn't it make sense to keep Eriksson and not trade him away? We won't really be contending for the next two years and when that contract ends (Along with a couple other unfavorable ones) the Canucks can actually start considering contending. Why throw away quality prospects for years where we won't be contending anyhow? Might as well at getting rid of contracts that are more movable and can lower the cap so others can be signed. That said, I'm not fully aware of the cap situation. But just my two cents.
  10. Pod with an assist so far today?
  11. Me too. Try to sign tofoli. Guy can play. And then get that defense that we desperately need. Especially for playoff hockey
  12. That top heavy forward lineup is a one way street to becoming the Toronto maple leafs of the West. No proper defense imo. Need to invest more money there.
  13. I don't near enough to jump on the fire green train. However, I do know defensive issues (from the defense and forwards at times) has been a plague ALL YEAR LONG. Markstrom could cover up all the mistakes made previously. Now that he's gone. Look what is happening. Those defensive lapses that have been happening since game 1 are very evident. In countless games that we actually won this year, defense was still suspect.
  14. The question now is when will you post next.. Will you keep that perfect 100000? and for how long?
  15. These are the type of moves that JB is probably targeting. And really the moves that are going to help us out long term. D to me is a glaring need. - That last sentence is meant only in a hockey sense.
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