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  1. who do you have rated as your 3 to 5? agreed i'm not really buying all the cody glass hype.
  2. Tribute to Nas's illmatic. Live band re-created all the beats to an absolute tee! Even DJ Premier was floored by the instrumentals:
  3. There are 2 squads for development camp. First squad played yesterday with some rotations for the game today. Some notable players included Lazar, Perlini, Reinhart, Ritchie, Fleury, Morin, Nurse, Bennett, Ekblad.
  4. Horvat's playing on the 2nd line in the development camp game vs. Russia tonight @ 4pm. I think there is a free stream to watch the game here: http://stats.hockeycanada.ca/schedule/league_instance/20720?subseason=165586
  5. Interesting insight. At the beginning of the video when the runner came up and told Benning "I'll bring you whichever jersey you tell me to bring you" "We'll see what he does here, alright?" (Referring to the fact that NYI haven't picked yet). Interesting to see that Benning says "Virtanen" right away even though, at the time, Dal Colle was still a possible pick..
  6. Great pick! Guy's a monster. Linden said they're trying to get a visa to bring him over for development camp and young stars
  7. I'm honestly fine with Lack+Markstrom. I actually want to see Markstrom get a chance. He was snuffed under Torts.
  8. See nothing's over yet. Would be happy with this or with taking are 2 picks. Wouldn't go higher than that offer though
  9. I'll believe it once Tallon actually walks up to make the pick. Things can chance quick
  10. Lebrun just said the JVR rumour is fake! Success, that 1st overall pick is ours!
  11. Not from TSN but: News1130 Sports ‏@News1130Sports 50m Have learned the #Canucks have called the agent for UFA Dave Bolland. General talks have taken place. News1130 Sports ‏@News1130Sports 50m The Bolland camp won't do anything with Vancouver until they resolve the Ryan Kesler situation. Didn't think it was worthy of it's own thread.
  12. First off, that is incorrect. He was an associate coach for 2 years with the Stars. Secondly, Where do you think all NHL coaches started? I'd rather have someone with a fresh vision than the same old recycled NHL coaches.
  13. TEAM Radio @TEAM1040 · 20m Heads up - @KevinWeekes will join #TEAM1040 today at 1200ish to discuss his Willie Desjardins tweet
  14. Here's his interview in case anyone wants to listen: https://soundcloud.com/b-mac-and-taylor/bmac-taylor-june-4-hour1#t=40:19 Also Sam Reinhart interview on the Team1040: https://soundcloud.com/b-mac-and-taylor/bmac-taylor-june-4-hour3#t=27:54
  15. Just because there is no real "clear cut" #1 player. This draft is actually pretty good. Benning said so himself... and I trust his word more than any media outlet saying otherwise.
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