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  1. the more and more i listen to the beatles, like really listen to them, i'm now convinced that paul is my favourite beatle. how he's able to just take real life situations and turn them in to whimsical little melodies. idk there's less psychedelic noodling in his tunes than there are in like lennon/harrison songs
  2. as long as players can back up the cockiness i'm all for it. reaves couldn't against the stars and i loved that. i'm still trying to process how the stars took them out so easily. i know their coach said demko broke them and all but a cocky team like vegas, you'd think they'd rebound but they never got it together. its so weird!
  3. its funny cause watching him play against us he was one of their dmen i hated cause he was so good it seemed like xD so i like this!
  4. yo are we gonna have a team next year? xD

  5. happy we got holtby and all, but this not a good day for canucks fans :<

  6. he;s shown he can go and might be a cheaper option than markstrom. love what marky's done here but he's gonna get PAID
  7. is that the bad guy from who framed roger rabbit?
  8. I was never the biggest Van Halen fan but that's a huge loss to music. That sucks like you never heard anything bad about the man