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  1. Ok, lets put the brakes on here! LOL I am not a Green supporter in anyways, and I will get into what I feel is wrong, but Minnesota is a 5-1 team, we are playing as a 500 team right now. We lost 3-2, and really did not get dominated the way people are talking here. So Whoa............. In saying that, I am not happy with the static PP we have. We don't have to be all over the ice, but when you have a man advantage, you should not make it easy on the other team. Being static does exactly that. Pettersson stands in the exactly the same spot every PP and really does not move all that much. Is it true he has no more abilities, and can only score from that spot? I think not! I like Hughes on the 1st PP, but again, he has to be MOVING!!!!!! I next beef is, we just do not exit our zone with speed 5 on 5. It is like we are waiting on something. I would much prefer that our Dmen, start with a explosive departure, meaning, skating with the puck and then hitting already skating forwards, with what was said to be our forte, "a transitioning, first pass", not these long stretch passes that end up with a winger by himself, attacking 2 Dmen, and a back checker. Sure stretch passes should be an option, but moving as a unit, works much better. It strikes me on that note that, a 5 man unit going up ice together at full speed, gives us so many more options. Lastly, with Hamonic finally coming back, it will make a difference, of course "IF" Poolman is not out too long. So, I am going to give our .500 team up until the 10 to 15 game mark before, I start yelling the sky is falling. Hey, nothing wrong with voicing disappointment, but it was only 3-2 loss I am more amused at who is so upset!
  2. Yeah, I am not a huge MDP fan......I am stuck on his size but, IMO, I am good with keeping the best player long term, I just do not see MDP being a backup in Van. Silovs is interesting.....lets see if he can maintain it! Halak for another year, makes perfect sense!
  3. @HighOnHockey Just spit balling here But do you think Miller gets you Severson and then take the 1st and trade it for a Miler Replacement Kind of a reversal of what I intended, but Garland kind of made me think of it........ Just a question........interested in your thoughts on it
  4. Respectfully Chris, Hedman is elite (aka great) I do not think you can get that for a 1st.......not even 2 -1st's or 3 or 4 Especially under the cap
  5. Yeah, I think it is too early to be panicking. If I have one criticism, it would be in our puck control entering the Offensive zone. Probably don't like their static PP, once in. I think we have the personnel to be much more active. But again, it is early, so I'll give them another 5 games to figure it out.
  6. Ok, these proposals started with me reading the 2 hockey proposals with us trying to obtain a RHD for Miller. So, the one that started me thinking of my proposal was the Myers for Miller trade with Nashville. Now, first off, I am looking at these proposals as a starting point, and maybe we as a collective, can manipulate the trades to make complete sense for both teams. Now, my trading chip for the Canucks is Brock Boeser, who is certainly missed while out with injury, but if the trade is equal, then It Is my opinion that it should be considered. Trade #1 Brock Boeser and Jet Woo (Cap Out = $6,635,000) for Philip Myers and Luke Kunin ( Cap Out = $4,850,000) In this trade, Boeser is absolutely the best player in the trade, but collectively, I think this trade really helps the Canucks fill in the voids in the roster, as well as transferring some of Boeser's expected salary increase, around a little. Boeser's age is starting to climb.....(25 in Feb) so, the gap between keeping Miller (28) is not quite as huge. I guess the question is, who contributes more? Boeser or Miller. I also am starting to see Boeser's injuries build up. This trade is more a long lasting trade. Trade #2 Brock Boeser and Tyler Motte (Cap Out = $7,100,000) for Damon Severson and Miles Wood (Cap Out = $6,916,666) In the NJ trade, Severson is playing 3rd pairing, with both Hamilton and Subban playing in the first 2 slots. The difference in age between Severson and Boeser is 2 1/2 years, but in terms of hockey, only 2 seasons difference because of when the birthdays occur. I do think Boeser has greater value, but I think Miles Wood is better than Tyler Motte, as he plays a heavier game, and can play further up the line up. This is more a now trade. Anyways, I have tried to make these fair trades, and ones that are more hockey trades. Flame away............. Hey, I am stuck in Prince Rupert with a broken car, what else is there to do? (Hey, Rupert!)
  7. I would like to see Abby play all 3 RHD exactly the same amount of ice time........... they are all young and equal, in most ways........... Let's give them equal opportunity to grow and challenge let's not shoehorn them That is a pretty solid group of 3 RHD's for the AHL level
  8. I think we are getting there, and it is getting closer to put up or shut up for Green and Benning, and "IF" they do perform, then they have to do it again the year after, etc........... But I do think Aqualini is a good business man, so I am sure he has thought of this and has his own tolerances..........its his money after all. Personally, I think we are 1 RHD short right now, but I am sure willing to let it unfold.
  9. Just curious, but did you read @Curmudgeon two, posts regarding trading and drafting on here. Very informative and I honestly have not seen that info out there before this thread...............It is why I post on here. You just never know what you are going to find. It is definitely worth the read
  10. Well, I guess it is your choice whether to participate or not, but others seem to be interested. Even some mods, so, I think it has some merit. Really, it is a summary about the past, including this past summer, which ends tonight, so I am not sure, how it could all have been discussed. I do not think the dialogue has been particularly negative. Read what @Curmudgeon has come with and I think just for that alone, it is worth participating................each to their own. Peace! Out!
  11. Just for those that do not know............ A bag skate, was invented as a punishment for a bad game or practice by the team The reference to bag, is to skate your balls off, as in very tired It is an immature saying for years gone by........ It was first implemented to get the summer time fat off, meaning to improve your conditioning in training camp But the players hated it so much, they put the words to it and it grew into legend Which the coaches then used for punishment Then the PC group showed up and coaches could not use the term and more, or use it for punishment any more So it reverted back to an on-ice fitness test again, which with todays instruments, is very archaic, and not very accurate As buy in is needed to use it properly.................I suspect Juolevi bought in and OEL said not on my watch Green then judged Juolevi accordingly, and knew what OEL did, because it really did not matter, one way or another with OEL Something that coaches give veterans and not fringe players...................the benefit of the doubt It is archaic to say the least, but hey we are talking about hockey players and coaches that played hockey some time in their career Do not expect the "fitness test" to change, at least not in the near future
  12. I find it kind of funny how all the discussion centers around Benning, with very little about Green and his assistants. Which is real funny, as I am having real difficulty in pin pointing any strengths. Lots of weaknesses, but not many strengths? Is it me?
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