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  1. But who says he has not been vaccinated? Maybe he has, but is still wrestling with the fact of increased exposure.....not saying it will happen, only there is a chance. I hear you, but I think there is a lot of pressure.........I don't know, people on here think it is an easy decision............
  2. Well, if I had that much money in the bank it certainly would be a no brainer also........ I would give my apologies and would just not report. Just saying.
  3. I think you missed the point Jim It must be a very difficult decision to make Loosing a career over a possible, unknown chance you may infect your kid and the countless possibilities that come with that decision and its outcome Do not be surprised if he sits out the season.....I know I won't I feel for him, if that is what it is....it would be gut wrenching Hockey is just a game.......let's hope it is much simpler and nothing to do with that
  4. If you have never been to the top of the mountain, it is pretty hard to describe the view.
  5. Vaccinated or not, he can still become infected and pass it onto his kid. IMO, I do not blame him, if he did refuse to play. Hockey is just a game, family is family I would die to protect my children...even as adults! Honestly, stop with the blame game. He is a dad for crying out loud.
  6. I am just going to wait until the Canucks make an official statement. No use speculating.
  7. I would say the Cam Neely trade.................it set up Boston for years
  8. Sometimes we fall a little short........but our intentions are honorable!
  9. Well just like in any family, there is the odd spat, but over all, it is quite the collection of good people. We all have our favorites, I can't begin to name all of them, but there are a few that stand out for me............ Deb (the eternal Canuck fan), Joe (wisdom), Alf (nut bar), Jim (common sense) and Zepp (experience) These are a few of the thousands that make CDC so interesting. Everyone, stand up and take a bow!
  10. Oh, Come on ! ....^%$**$## (PS They should have a crying face emoji)
  11. You are not allowed to mention he who did not sign here by name!!!!!!
  12. This is just wrong! ..................Just wrong!
  13. No! LOL I used to box a little, and I always knew they were in the same weight class, but some guys have go go gadget arms..........so I always wanted to know how long their arms were! I jest!
  14. This was posted by Vintage, yesterday at 831..............this is official, as I understand it! The debate is over!
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