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  1. Not sure how you can see them as redundant, as they play a very different type of game to each other. Schmidt (and Hughes for that matter) were hot garbage as far as I'm concerned when it came to turnovers and puck possession this season. I'd be way more comfortable losing Schmidt instead of Myers, and contract-wise they're pretty much identical so I don't see how $50,000 less is that much of a deal. I'm not going to be surprised if they essentially give the whole roster a do-over next season and THEN decide who they need to move out (at least that's what it sounded like to me in
  2. That "prospect trending" has a whopping 4 points in 13 AHL games, so I wouldn't be too shaken up over that if I were you. Gaudette, I'm pretty sure it was previously stated in another thread, nobody had interest in, and after the Covid/girlfriend/social media fiasco it was probably the smart thing to do. I'll agree that we should have cut ties with Jake. I was surprised how many chances management seemed to want to give when they should have just moved on. As for someone that wants to have an honest discourse, they way you interact with anyone who disagrees seems
  3. OK, how about using last years stats as a comparison. Pearson played 69 games with 45 points, and Tofu played 68 games at 44 points. Playoffs? Pearson 17 games 8 points, Tofu 7 games at 4 points. They're almost identical. I'm betting you're making this judgement call on the fact Tofolli looks great this season, but hindsight is 20/20.
  4. That's EXACTLY who I was thinking it might be. The timing of his production fall off and the move to Minny would both coincide with this time frame.
  5. Anybody who thinks that a person's priority should be to do a media scrum right after you've had a variant covid run through your system and been removed from your new born son for days has a serious values problem. It's not about excuses, it's about being a human being and not asking someone who is physically and mentally drained to deal with something that will be mentally draining (yes media is mentally draining)
  6. Typical. Instead of just embracing the fact you were wrong, you attack others to make up for your own insecurity and need to feel relevant. You should stick to your one word responses, at least they don't make you sound touchy.
  7. Says the guy who claimed (without proof) that Boeser was the other infected player. I think we'll stick to what the NHL and team tell us about the season instead of your "informed" decision.
  8. Again, another ignorant post. You're attacking me as to how I'm combating the pandemic without knowing anything about me. I gave up my job to keep my wife and family safe during this pandemic (and I'm not collecting covid relief, just living off my savings cuz I'm responsible enough to put money aside). So don't tell me I'm not doing my fair share or being irresponsible. I'm also not escalating emotions unnecessarily about other people, cuz again, I don't know their situation so I cant make assumptions. For all I know you're raging at whatever/ whoever cuz covid has a
  9. I hate it when people post ignorant things. You don't know what they have or haven't done to keep themselves safe. For all we know Adam got it from Hamonic or the person of coaching staff and jus showed positive before them. You can't and shouldn't make assumptions like this and call people out. It's like the people yesterday saying the other player is Boeser just cuz he went on a dog walk with Adam. It's just stupid and people need to stop.
  10. Just want to qualify this statement, in that yes, Hamonic can definitely hit and defend. Out of all 4 defensemen in question though (Schmidt, Hamonic, Tanev and Stetcher) Schmidt has far less hits than the other 3. I'm not saying we should've kept Tanev and Stetcher, I just want to be clear that Schmidt is not a physical force (or all that great in his own zone as far as I'm concerned). Benning definitely made the right call With Demko and Marky, and I think almost everyone saw that decision coming. Toffoli; I'm a bit surprised how well he's playing for the Canadiens,
  11. I'm guessing him being 67% tonight in faceoffs is probably why they had him out? only slightly better than Bo ( I thought Bo was beastly tonight btw, I don't get how people complain about our captain, but I digress).
  12. I feel like you're convoluting superstitions with supernatural maybe? I mean, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt both had superstitious rituals they went through. How can you possibly say those superstitions had a negative impact on their ability to perform? Athletes still go through the "work" needed to compete, but for some those rituals help them feel more in control or clears their mid at the moment that they do it, so how is that a bad thing?
  13. I don't know why you're bringing Hughes into the argument, but I guess you need to deflect the topic somehow. I take it you're basing Myers value on "intangibles" ? That's usually what people like you prefer to reference when the numbers don't jive with your theory. I'm not saying Myers has always had the value and results he's showing this season, but as of now he's worth every penny the Canucks pay him. If you want to talk about Highes let me know and I'll meet you in that topic instead.
  14. If you did your research you'd see that so far this season Myers is putting up the same numbers as Weber, Burns, Giordano, Provorov and Chabot, So yes, this season so far he has been "real good".
  15. Unless you can somehow directly correlate or show specific examples of how players "skip the hard work" in lue of superstition, this is a ridiculous statement and makes me think you don't really work in the field of psychology, cuz if you did you'd know that statement is a fallacy.
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