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  1. To play on a team today... 1- Hasek 2- Brodeur 3- Roy g.o.a.t... 1- Roy 2- Hasek 3- Brodeur
  2. Such overwhelming sadness... there are no words.
  3. I said men, because that’s who I was talking to, but women too, yes. People who are old enough to understand that the game is an ad, and that this argument is ridiculous... that age group. im pretty sure that advertising dollar will pick up nicely for that dime of yours, which is obviously why it’s happening, but we’re adults who understand how economics and business work, right? no fans, and players with 10 million dollar contracts, and here we are. The advertisers who brought you hockey from the time you were a child, will support the sport again, with a small patch t
  4. Simple. I find a great amount of humor in grown men going directly into the mouth of a corporate vortex, complaining about advertising. Whether on tv, internet or at a game, you have to wade through a million ads to get to the game, through the game and after, to the point that watching any facet of the game without seeing an ad is impossible (digital ads on the ice itself), but this tiny patch, that’s the last straw for you ?!
  5. I can see your concerns, gameplay will be forever changed (not at all) advertizing in professional sport, unheard of! (Reebok anyone?) they are literally skating on ads, and there is no clip of play without ads.
  6. This NHL is a brand Uniforms are branded Stadiums and boards are covered in ads Games are filled with commercials Arenas are branded They flash ads on gigantic house sized screens in the stadiums Even the intermission tots games are sponsored Every other global sport is branded what’re you dudes crying about again?
  7. My money’s on fiala wantin out by the end of the year. There’s not much strength left there, and they’ve screwed their budget too. minnesota did well to keep it a one year, so he’ll still be an rfa, and they’ll maintain control of his rights, which means they keep n asset.
  8. I have to admire his dedication to his vocation, to push on, day in and day out. Beyond personal satisfaction and goals, to sacrifice and charity. A man offering himself to the altar of hockey. Right on man. Mind if I do a jay?
  9. This just in - Christian Dvorak isn’t a top center, he’d be great 3rd line center on a quality team. He only sees those minutes because it’s Arizona, and his stats are scewed as such. Full stop.
  10. Pretty close though 90% of all current cases are in people that unvaccinated. https://globalnews.ca/news/8059996/almost-all-recent-covid-cases-unvaccinated/
  11. Agreed, but people do like their independence. It’s an evolution, stats say kids are opting to not get licenses as much anymore. Driver numbers are down.
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