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  1. Petey not used to playing back-to-back games. Was sitting at home watching the game after the covid outbreak.
  2. The guy's shiftiness causes my ankles to break just by watching him. Quickly becoming a favorite for me.
  3. Haven't particularly liked him in the 1st line and 1st PP spot. But have been content overall with his play. Don't think he should be in a pressbox, but it's nice to have a guy that can play any role on a team and be a contribution to any line.
  4. The thought of Brock potentially coming back is exciting. I feel that, without him in the lineup, many things don't make sense (Chiasson on PP1, Dowling on PP2). But once he's in, everyone can slide into their proper spots. Miller - Petey - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Hoglander - Dickinson - Podz/Chiasson Highmore - Lahmikko - Podz/Chiasson I don't know about you, but that lineup seems to work seamlessly. As a fan, it's fun to think that I'd be happy watching any line that's on the ice
  5. Lines as they should be going into the 2nd: Miller - Petey - Garland Hoglander - Horvat - Pearson Chiasson - Dickinson - Podkolzin Make the changes.
  6. I don't know if someone's answered this, but why has Juulsen played so little games the past few seasons? 2020-21: 9 games total 2019-20: 13 games 2018-19: 24 games 2017-18: 54 games 90 games in the past 4 seasons and 46 in the past 3 seems slightly scary...
  7. This offseason is wild. It makes Jim seem poor at drafting, when all your top prospects: Virtanen, Gadjovich, Juolevi, Lind and (earlier) Gaudette, leave for little to no return. It makes giving up a 1st round pick this season a little more difficult to swallow. As for the Juolevi pick at the time, I remember losing my mind over not getting Tkachuk. But, you saw that Juolevi was a winner. He won in every league and tournament he played in and was the main defender each time. Injuries absolutely slowed the kid down. No it seems like a bad pick, but I think it was a good pick struck by bad luck and misfortune. Hope all the best for him.
  8. Jack's production after his first 2 seasons is similar to Yakupov. Yakupov: 55 points in 111 games Jack: 52 points in 117 games Not sure Quinn is going to be tempted to play for St. Petersburg in 6 years time
  9. Unfortunately, I don't see him having much success in the KHL... anyone know his current weight?
  10. This guy's life has been flipped completely upside down in a year. From playing for his hometown team, to being run out of the country with a lawsuit over his head.
  11. Plus Kok is gonna get a raise on his next contract, unless he goes to arbitration
  12. We also have to realize that RHD are getting paid more than LHD because of the severe need for them. Further, Myers is a big body, which is rare as well. He may be overpayed, but I'd hate to lose him. He's such a key part of our lineup.
  13. Looks the same. Probably the first year I won't buy it. The only reason I would is for Seattle. The Matthews on the cover factor makes me want to buy it even less.
  14. I am completely perplexed on so many people saying that Hughes can't play D. The best defense, is a good offense. Last season we played a ton of games against 2 of the most offensive juggernauts in the NHL and Hughes often had those matchups. Complaints like this is why I wouldn't be surprised if Quinn darted right when he could become a UFA. Why can't we just appreciate that we have a player that (with Makar and Fox) has completely changed the way d-men operate. Quinn is one of the best of the league at carrying the puck out of the zone, as well as contributing offensively. I wouldn't care how much we had to pay to keep him, he's so fun to watch
  15. No. If those 2 go out, we got so many options at center. We can easily move Miller to a 3rd line C if we need.
  16. Getting all the RHD available... gonna trade them at the deadline.
  17. He's a massive piece to our D-core, gives us everything we need in a RHD.
  18. My favorite part about this, is that this is going to be the team that grows together for awhile. We got a great, young core with us, and it'll likely stick for the next 3-5 years. We may need to get another top 4 RHD, but I see that as one of the few gaps we have.
  19. Hurts to lose a guy that was a point-per-game player last season
  20. From what i've read, it sounds like they're making a push for Eichel.. they just cleared over 7M with Fleury alone... They could offer Tuch + a ton more picks/prospects and be set
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