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  1. Multiple Dallas Stars players and staff test positive for COVID-19. Practices and season opener cancelled.

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      And so it begins

    2. debluvscanucks


      It's a good reminder that no one's out of the woods yet!   Getting this thing done will require a whole lot of effort and coordination.

  2. I live in the lower mainland. And yeah, we've definitely had people in the hallways at my hospital before, but it's been nothing like this. I've never experienced doubling up critically ill patients because we've had a shortage of beds. I'm not going to waste my time talking to someone who has already made up his mind, is refusing to look at real evidence and is essentially saying that what my colleagues and I are experiencing is a farce - we are living this, and having people like you make these wild, conspiracy nut accusations is insulting.
  3. How does that explain hospitals putting patients in tents, hallways, gift shops? How does that explain ICUs being overcapacity or states running out of ICU beds? As someone who has worked in healthcare for the 9 years, ive never seen anything like this before.
  4. Finally got the vaccine today...such an overwhelming feeling. This last year has been so difficult, personally and professionally. Feels like I can kind of make out a light at the end of a long tunnel.
  5. Still waiting them to start vaccinating frontline workers at the busiest covid-19 site in the province. Not sure what the thought process was to start at other sites, I'm sure there's reasons behind it - just slightly frustrating. And after some thought, I don't have a problem with Dr. Henry getting the shot before us. We do need her leadership, and it shows confidence in the vaccine.
  6. I agree, and I hope that will be one of the positives that come out of this, a plan to help deal with future pandemics. I think we also have to remember that times are very different now, the world is a much smaller place. Back in the 1900s how often did people travel out of their city, let alone their country? Now I can fly half way across the world in hours. Also, I think the mentality has shifted over the years... Maybe it was considered more patriotic to wear a mask and think of the common good and well being. Nowadays it's about "my rights." on top of that there is so much misinformation out there that spreads so fast, and so many loud conspiracy theorists.
  7. 1. No it would look like tampering, a civil servant shouldn't be publically disagreeing with the government. It can create a political crisis and non confidence. Look at what happened in Alberta, Dr. Hinshaws job is advise the government, clearly the leaked tapes show disagreement between her and Shandro/Kenney. But publically disagreeing with them would not serve any good. 2. Maybe because I work in healthcare my perception is skewed, I know there are plenty of idiots out there - I see it every day, people getting infected with COVID because they didn't think it was a big deal to have dinner with a couple of friends even though socializing had been actively discouraged. 3. Nice, stay safe.
  8. Honestly, I am so tired of people complaining about every little thing. There wasn't a playbook for this pandemic, it's all trial and error, that's how policies and how science works. I think Dr. Henry and almost everyone else is doing the best they can. Maybe let's focus on doing better and being better instead of focusing on all the negatives.
  9. And what proof do you have that she didn't advise against an election? Her job is to provide her expert opinion. How would it have looked if a well respected and trusted official publicly denounced Horgans decision to hold an election? Plus what about some personal responsibility? I voted by mail, my whole family voted by mail. My parents aren't very computer literate so I helped them get registered. Are people so dumb that they need to be told exactly what to do by the government? I've been wearing a mask whenever I go out since March, I didn't need the government tell me to do that. I've been avoiding immunocompromised people, I haven't attended any birthday parties or celebrations, even in the summer. It's called having some critical thinking and personal accountability.
  10. I think we've been hearing for some time now that COVID-19 can have some lasting and varied side effects, even if you recover from the initial illness. It's hard to predict who is going to have meaningful recovery and who is going to die.. Recently worked with a relatively young patient who was intubated and on a ventilator for a few weeks, this patient has since then recovered from COVID-19, has tested negative for it a few times, but now has $&!#ty lungs, pulmonary fibrosis, and might never come off the ventilator. Wonder if this will be counted as a covid death or not... Sure might not have covid now, but the cause of current situation is covid.
  11. From my experience, I know this is true. In this second wave, we are trying to avoid intubating patients for as long as possible, and give their bodies a chance to recover. Intubation and mechanical ventilation are associated with so many complications - these covid patients require a ridiculous amount of sedation and even chemical paralysis in order to effectively take over their breathing and have them tolerate the ventilator. And once they are vented it is really challenging to get them off the vent, typically takes weeks. Seeing a lot more ventilated patients dying than in the first wave. I am finding that we are using more high flow humidified oxygen and supportive therapies such as self proning to try to avoid intubation.
  12. Short video of an ICU nurse in Abbotsford dealing with COVID-19 bz38A&
  13. When my unit has reported deaths due to COVID-19, its because of the infection and its associated complications, such as COVID-19 induced cardiomyopathy.