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  1. The Vancouver Canucks have a new man in charge of their business operations. Michael Doyle has been promoted, while current COO Trent Caroll is leaving the organization. Doyle will lead the senior leadership team, the Canucks announced, as the North Vancouver native has been named President, Canucks Sports and Entertainment, Business Operations. He will report directly to Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini. “Michael is a strong, driven leader who has extensive experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry,” said Aquilini. “He puts fan experience at the forefron
  2. Thanks for being the voice of reason Sid. I think people are overreacting with this signing. Seeing some of the posts it would seem like we signed him for 6x6 or are over the cap. Im quite excited to see the revamped Canucks, looking forward to October!
  3. The owners would never go for this and I'm sure it's complicated, but it would be nice if salary cap was based on post tax earnings
  4. Awesome deal Loved Hamonics game once he settled in and got his legs back. Him and Hughes did find some chemistry together. Glad to see him back for a couple years. Solid deal.
  5. I think the way Boesers contract is structured, his qualifying offer is 7.5 million. So in case they can't get a deal done by the end of the year, they Canucks will have to offer at least that much. Will be interesting to see how it plays out for us, but that is a great deal for the Avs.
  6. I might be in the minority but I'd prefer to see Hoglander and Garland on a line with Bo, instead of Pearson. Now if Benning could just add a couple of solid RHD, we'll be set! Excited to see what this team can do!!
  7. Watched OELs media call video, he genuinely seems happy and excited for fresh start in Vancouver. I admittedly didn't like the trade at first, but have come around to it over the past couple days. If OEL can recover his game he can be a huge boost to our blue line. His contract also appears to be buyout friendly (?) if things come to that in a few years.
  8. I liked him prior to all his concussion issues Not sure if he would be better than any of our depth players at this point.
  9. “In the years following the abuse of plaintiff, John Doe, by Aldrich, Plaintiff was subjected to humiliating trash talking by his teammates during scrimmages where coaches were present,” the court documents say. “The Blackhawks… permitted its players to repeatedly harass plaintiff by calling him a ‘f****t,’ and asking him if he couldn’t focus because he ‘wanted to suck someone off,’ among other similar harassing statements.” https://www.tsn.ca/former-blackhawks-player-describes-alleged-sexual-assault-in-new-court-filing-1.1671682 Don't even know what to say, absolutely
  10. Thank you! I am surprised wirh how hard people are being on the team. Personally, I give them a pass for this last year. No real preseason/training camp, not much time for newer players to practice and gel with the team, insanely condensed schedule, players getting hit with covid, not to mention the emotional and personal toll this last year probably would have taken on the players and their families. Trading Schmidt or Meyers (we are short on RHD btw) after last season is lunacy. If JB made such a trade and they were able to turn things around on a new team, he wo
  11. Who saw this coming when playoffs started? Unbelievable Happy for Tofu, Burr, Price and Weber
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