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  1. Just got home from a long day at work, looks like I missed half of a good game!
  2. It's so frustrating to see the Canucks maintain a bit of control and possession in the O zone, only to give the puck away or pass the puck outside the blue line. Yay Miller again?
  3. Instead of getting pissy, how abouts not making dumb plays like that Miller? Love the guy, but seems like every game he makes at least one bone headed play.
  4. Hughes looks so done and only half way through this game. Maybe we will see Rathbone get a look next game?
  5. Well that's disappointing. Done with him.
  6. This is why I would be okay with exposing him in the ED. I love what he brings and doesn't take a shift off, but the injuries are piling up.
  7. Valid point, you just have to rely heavily on what your scouts may have seen before the shutdown or in other leagues that are still active. Personally, I would hate to lose any draft picks, especially in the earlier rounds. Also, think there is a good chance Seattle takes Holtby anyways.
  8. Doesn't that also mean there could be some real gems in the later rounds
  9. As much as i love Motte, I worry about his injury troubles.
  10. Got both shots (Pfizer) thankfully, 4 months in and zero side effects (had a sore arm with the first shot) My husband just got his first shot (AZ) a couple days ago at the pop-up clinic in our community, felt crummy for the first two days - had a headache and was lethargic, but has recovered. I'll be monitoring him for any signs of the cerebral venous sinus clot, even though it is an extremely rare possibility haha.
  11. Petey Horvat Boeser Miller Pearson Lind Gadjovich Schmidt Juolevi Meyers Demko
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