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  1. Thanks VC for doing the contract breakdowns. I was wondering with all these signings how would we be able to dress all of these players due to the veteran contract cap. Looks like a solid lineup this year
  2. Will fit right in with that classless organization. Mailloux, Hoffman,Perry. + their fans that send death threats whenever they lose. They just need to bring in Virtanen now
  3. We should call him up vs LA so we can have Battle of the Pizza Boys
  4. No Save Dave would even get lit up in a beer league. Atleast he's still playing in the West so the nucks have some easy wins
  5. See ya Jake have fun in Russia! There is a reason why you draft BPA especially with a top 10 pick. What could have been if we picked Ehlers/Nylander like we were supposed to
  6. Same here, I find his antics so cheap. turning his back on hits last second and all of the diving he does to draw penalties. It's too bad since he plays hard and is talented. Plus get rid of that tinted visor, he looks like what you get when you order an Ovechkin off Wish.
  7. I am an "anything but Montreal and Philly fan" Too much flopping by the Canadiens and cheap tactics. Philly.... Well what fan base poors a perfectly fine $10 beer on other teams and that superbowl celebration Out of the teams remaining I'll join the Tampa bandwagon since they play a high speed and skill game
  8. I am more conservative leaning (but i'll listen to both sides) but I am so scared to voice my opinion on topics on social media as my career can be destroyed by being taken out of context The mentality of "if your not with us, your against us" is very dangerous. Hopefully we learn to work together and find the underlying issues on difficult topics instead of being polarized.
  9. Can we hire Juice as out defense coach? He is so right on everything he said. Too many players just showing up to cash in pay checks
  10. Me and the boys on East Hastings. Remember no snitching
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