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  1. Xbox

    NBA Discussion

    After watching the last dance I still think Bron is the goat
  2. I hope Calgary and Edmonton finish 2nd and 3rd. Would love to play the beat up team that makes it to the 2nd round
  3. Xbox

    NBA Discussion

    Rangers subreddit, they seem to revere him there lol
  4. Xbox

    NBA Discussion

    I find it so strange that James Dolan is one of the best owners in the NHL but one of (if not) the worst in the NBA
  5. This, did he request a trade of something? People uneasy about the 3 year deal?
  6. Absolutely. EDIT: Probably better to rephrase this in an edit but I see a lot of comments about the holocaust or the wars, virus ect. Just time and place is all. A lot of crap on social media as well.
  7. Fair enough. All lives matter. If you want to make a new thread and start a discussion about those lives feel free, but this thread and any post on social media about Kobe and his daughter should be a place of mourning those two.
  8. Okay how about the days leading up to it? I still wouldn't want to hear that from anyone.
  9. If you went to a funeral for a close friend/family member would you want to be told by multiple people "people die everyday" ?
  10. Kinda annoyed people keep bringing up the deaths of others when people are trying to mourn Kobe and Gianna. Stop shoving that garbage down peoples throats. Obviously all deaths are sad and RIP to everyone but let people mourn the loss of their icon ffs
  11. Are you the Oilers? Why are you trying to trade the teams best winger?
  12. They were in 31st at one point for an hour so that seals it. RIP my bet on the Avs
  13. This allegedly happened in the playoffs, why are you talking about the regular season? Look at his playoff numbers this past post-season. It's insane. HOME: AB's - 36 AVG - .472 HR - 6 RBI - 12 OPS - 1.54 AWAY: AB's - 35 AVG - .143 HR - 1 RBI - 2 OPS - .297
  14. Look at Altuve's record at Home vs Away. It's shocking how different they are. Dude sucks when he doesn't know what's being pitched.
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