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  1. Hey guys, I'm Back! Anyone remember me, or have I overestimated how noteworthy I once was on this board? :P

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    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      @-AJ- I've wondered the same thing. I think the real test of that will be the day I come across a fellow CDC'er by happenstance. 

    3. HI5


      We’re you the guy who accidentally killed his wife with chloroform?

    4. Alflives


      I look forward to the stories!

  2. Your sig is done. Check it out in the thread!

  3. Someone outgoing from the Fraser Valley should come be a guest on my podcast.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      I'm from the FV but i'm not outgoing.

    2. thejazz97


      I'm not from FV.

  4. A girl i had a brief fling with in back high school commit suicide today. This has been such an awful day. Too much death to handle :'(

    1. Gstank29


      I guy i played hockey with commit suicide earlier this year. You just have to remember they are in a better place

  5. Sbisa is bringing the scrums/60 stat to the mainstream.

  6. I suppose I'll have to be on my best behavior from now on.

    1. thejazz97


      What happened?

    2. Edlerberry


      he materially breached richard's contract

  7. I didn't sign the petition but trading Lack now and Miller later is losing trade value on both of them. Squandered profits = bad business it's not even clear who is better right now but they're trending in opposite directions

    1. Webster6


      Bottom line is we are winning zilch with Miller as our starter anyway and rushing a silly trade to desperately reacquire a 2nd. Better moves could've been made.

    2. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      no the Canucks are looking at dealing from a position of strength. i love Lack as much as the next guy but come on, Miller is the better goaltender, Markstrom has a higher ceiling than Lack and Demko is in the picture. The team will have excellent goaltending this upcoming season if it's Miller and Markstrom, why not obtain a top 40? pick in a very deep draft to add a young talent on defense ? no-brainer.

    3. Webster6


      Canucks goalie coaches think Lack is the best of the 3. You're in the minority thinking otherwise. That 2nd rounder could've been had from another asset, this is a desperate rush job. Lack and Marky would've done no worse than Miller and Marky, but with more cap space available. Miller will have zero value by the time we wanna trade him and Lack would probably fetch a mid 1st by next draft.

  8. This game is heart breaking

  9. A mission to march over top Manchester.

  10. Canucks should pick up Evgeny Artyukhin.

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    2. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      Yes. He is, Jazz. XD

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      can't he get up by himself?

    4. Phil_314



      He's kinda heavy, 6'5", 255 lbs.

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