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  1. https://twitter.com/SInow/status/512353966969982976 Cardinals RB Johnathan Dwyer has been arrested for beating his wife
  2. Why does every single move here get 99% opposition from armchair GMs? As if you know better because you play NHL 14



      did you see all the draft pick commentary the other day? embarrassing. as if these people have even seen the kids play

    2. Keslerific
    3. Grape


      There's a difference between thinking differently and disagreeing with something. You can like/not like some transactions and have an opinion against it, but it's just ignorant when someone goes out and says its a "bad" or "terrible" move.

  3. Because this team isn't tanking. They're going to try and go for the playoffs. They may be retooling, but there's no reason that an Olympic goaltender on a good contract wouldn't benefit playoff chances and be a great mentor for Lack.
  4. Yeah, let's ignore the facts where Miller played on BUFFALO. The god damn SABRES. Also, to people wanting Hiller... He did WORSE than Miller while on the best team in the West and got chased by a 20 year old goalie
  5. You can hear it in Willie's voice - the guy is over the top excited for this.
  6. He's not a "professional" in the terms where he won't sit back and let other people go after his team or slander him without responding. Of course, having a backbone in today's sensitive NHL gets you fined, suspended, and eventually fired. I trust Linden's decision, but there's no reason Torts shouldn't have been given at least half a season more with the Canucks.
  7. If we want to tank for McDavid this is the right choice
  8. Torts is the one Canuck that shows heart last season and he gets fired. Wonderful. Just gotta trust #16...
  9. GMMG was the one who pulled the strings for that. You're fooling yourself if you think otherwise. Continue the hate circlejerk, though - it totally hasn't gotten old despite the continued false information.
  10. The Linden factor. Any player who wanted out this season would love to stay, save for Luongo.
  11. Again: The last two times in the last decade they missed the playoffs, they bounced back the next season and won the division. This was when Calgary and Edmonton weren't pushovers, and were just as good as the California teams are today. The amount of hyperbole in this fanbase makes me sick.
  12. Missed the playoffs three times including this year in ten seasons, and suddenly the team is destroyed and the franchise will never be repaired. It really, really goes to show how many of you have only watched this team through the highs of the past few years. Please, leave. Make our day. Good riddance to bad company.
  13. Kassian having a great game along with Matthias. 3 points each so far. Richardson with 2 of his own.
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