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  1. Love getting screwed out of a needed 8 hours of work because one of my covid denying coworkers comes to work on Tuesday despite testing positive for it and she doesn’t bother telling anyone about until this afternoon exposing who knows how many people to it <_<:picard:

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    2. JM_


      thats good, at least there was some consequence. What a tool. 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Did you have to get a covid test Pears? Hope everything is ok with you and the rest of the staff. 

    4. Pears


      I should be fine since I don’t work with her a lot and I have both shots but if I have to I will. 

  2. Just noticed I don’t have warning points anymore so just wanted to thank whoever took them away :) 

    1. -SN-
    2. Heretic


      I have 1 warning point, from May 2017. :frantic:

    3. Coconuts


      Your bad boy days are a thing of the past 

  3. Oh boy here’s a new one. Letting the face of your franchise sign an offer sheet and get a bunch of mid-late round picks back just because you have an agenda against your favourite teams’ gm is the best way to try and win a Cup :picard::picard:

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Pears "I have never seen a group of fans have such an unhealthy hate on for a general manager"


      It helped get the previous GM fired (the "Fire Gillis" chants @ Rogers which got increasingly more vocal as that horrible last season went on had to have some impact on the owner).


      Fan originated from the word Fanatic.  You often don't see rational / logical thinking involved.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan
    4. Dazzle


      Gillis completely deserved the firing, so the fans chanting him to be fired wasn't really a surprise. A GM who basically can't draft/develop any of his players, aside from TWO of his first rounders, is perhaps a reflection of him overlooking other parts of his job.

      I don't hate Gillis, but I feel the need to bring up his flaws because people seem to fondly remember the good old days, without remembering why he screwed this team with his draft selections/decisions, including the trading away of picks.

  4. Imagine being mad at your teams best player for wanting to win :picard:

    1. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      Even worse, imagine celebrating at the idea of your teams' best player *possibly* leaving because you dislike Jim Benning so much.  This is what is going on at HF Canucks. 

    2. #Canucks


      What a spoiled kid, only wanting to win. ughh just get rid of him and lets keep players who do not care about winning.

  5. Bo Horvat re-signed on September 8th 2017

    Brock Boeser re-signed on September 16th 2019


    People need to r-e-l-a-x. 

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    2. Phil_314


      Meanwhile, in a distant corner of the Canuck fanbase,

      "eRmAgErDd iT's AuGuSt, StIlL nO cOnTrAcT!1!  fIrE bEnNiNgGgGg!!!1!1!!1"

    3. #Canucks


      Rushing their respective contracts before both sides are satisfied would be extremely neglectful. They have lots of time, be patient.

    4. Vinny in Vancouver

      Vinny in Vancouver

      The deals are already agreed on by all parties. They're only postponing signing it so that the fans in CDC have something Canucks-related to talk about. :P

  6. I really wonder if we’re done making moves or if Benning wants to go for another top six forward and roll with something like


    Miller - Pettersson - Boeser

    Garland - Horvat - xxxx

    Höglander - Dickinson - Podkolzin

    Pearson - Sutter - Motte

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    2. Dazzle


      Are we not signing Dickinson? Lol.

    3. JM_


      Domi went under the knife for shoulder surgery tho and he's a UFA after next season... that one would worry me. I'd want something more concrete back @Pears 



    4. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      He needs to sign Hughes and Pettersson now, and then decide what can be done, I would not be perusing anyone right now until those two are locked up so you have a better understanding on where you sit on the cap and what room you will have if any.

  7. Anyone ever talk to 10 or more people but only like 3 message you first?

    1. Devron44


      Outside my customers and this forum I probably talk to less then 10 people :lol:

  8. We’d have to move out Schmidt, Holtby and Virtanen first, but could y’all imagine a OEL-Hamilton pair if a change of scenery is all OEL needed?

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    2. JM_


      Schmidt we can move out if the reports on interest around him are to be believed. Jake and Holtby can be bought out.


      So yeah, this is entirely do-able, particularly if Carolina wants Nate, then its a swap for a Dougie sign and trade. 

    3. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      How much would we save with a Holtby buyout?  

      if I’m doing my math right, we would get about 2.4 million in cap savings? (So, a buyout would entail a 1.9 million cap hit).


      Not bad I guess.  Holtby and Virtanen buyouts would give us a combined 4.9 million in cap.  Maybe that 4.9 million could be used on a guy like David Savard or *insert defensive defenseman*

    4. JM_


      3.8 mil for this season, with 500k cap hit left over 


      1.9 mill cap hit next year


      For Jake, its a 50,000 cap hit this season with 2.5 mil savings, 500k next season




      2021/22: 5.7 mil savings

      2022/23: 2.4 mil cap hit


      The second year cap hit sucks, but if we want to make a big move for next season its there to make. 

  9. Is there honestly much of a difference between your typical high school and Canucks twitter in terms of the amount nonstop childish drama, bickering, back and forth nonsense?

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Not much, if any.

  10. Head office coming in clutch and letting us wear tshirts and shorts in the kitchen during this heat wave :towel:

    1. Ghostsof1915


      I'd like to be at head office for the air conditioning. But they won't let us wear shorts. Boooo! 

  11. Benning wants to be aggressive? Throw the kitchen sink at Landeskog and then find a way to get Jones for a decent deal. 

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    2. Chickenspear


      Jones would be a good pickup, but why would we throw a kitchen sink at Landeskog? Seems like a nice enough dude...

    3. canuktravella


      pears we are missing a 3rd line center massive hole there jenner would be a decent target 

    4. AriGold


      Hoffman or Saad

  12. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen any Canuck/ex-Canuck more overrated than Stecher and I was a fan during the Mason Raymond days. 

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    2. J-P


      Yeah but Benn's in WPG now and Troy has one year left (and yes, that matters) + they're not really comparables to begin with.

    3. Coconuts


      He works hard, shows a lot of heart, and is super easy to like as a person. That being said, he's a smallish 5-6D and I was fine moving on from him.

    4. CanucksCountry


      Loved him hear but in all honesty on a contender he really is a 6/7 Dman so it sucks losing the heart and soul of him but in the long run its better 

  13. Maxim Lapierre

  14. Blow Leafs Blow!

  15. I’m sorry, but if you’re on twitter all day long complaining about how the GM of your favourite hockey team runs it, even going as far as stalking him at a grocery store, you really need to rethink your life priorities. And probably get one as well. 

    1. Petey_BOI


      worse than paparazzi scum, at least they are getting paid for that kinda work. 

  16. **Trying really hard to not lose it on a coworker who spams facebook with anti vaxx/anti covid crap and then pulls the “oh it’s my opinion I respect yours” card<_< 

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    2. VancouverHabitant


      @Pears those people are annoying but there are also people that are annoying from the other side.  Facebook is the worst place for...  well pretty much anything.  Solution is to stay away from Facebook ;) 

    3. Pears


      @VancouverHabitant Oh don’t get me wrong I know, they just aren’t as vocal. 

    4. Tom Sestito

      Tom Sestito

      No @VancouverHabitant. I’m absolutely not saying that. I’m saying that the short term complications as a result of getting the virus itself are far more frequent and far more severe than from the vaccine. The complications absolutely do exist - I know someone in my age group (low 20s) who had heart attack like symptoms post vax. 



  17. Can someone please explain to me why Benning gets all the heat but Green gets a free pass despite having a record similar to Willie Desjardins while he was here?

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    2. canuktravella


      silky the to many men penalties andgarbage  play syatems and  playing vets over youth but still losing has everything to do with coaching and not the gm  not to mention never having players ready for the game its basic coaching fundamentals that gree lacks

    3. canuktravella


      only reason we went 7 games with vegas was demko. the players were  outclassed do to bad coaching  benning even got toffoli for a run last yr but team  got ass handed ifnot for petey and demko

    4. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      I don't think anyone can help understand that, it's pretty obvious.

  18. Ok if Gaudette got ran out of town because of his covid situation that’s a new low for this fan base

    1. Dazzle


      Nah. I think Micaela wanted him out of town because she couldn't take the heat for her comments she made about COVID precautions.


      "Yeah I'm not gonna follow that", she said. Very very bad.

    2. Curmudgeon


      Gaudette was a player with declining performance, did not become a solid third line centre, was the lightest player on the team at 170 pounds and struggling to maintain it, and will require a new contract nest season, along with guys like Quinn, Petey and Demko, among others. He has actually regressed. If he had put up big numbers and had turned into the centre they hoped he would be, he'd still be here. He didn't, so isn't.

  19. Buffalo is helpless. 

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    2. Pears
    3. Coconuts


      Watch them pick 3rd 

    4. Phil_314


      Watch them pick 2nd again, and squander another high pick... again

  20. How does someone not get fired. Blowing 2-0 and 3-0 leads back to back, especially in our situation, is unacceptable. 

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @NUCKER67  Not a chance.  They aren't interested in player development there (not that Green is great in that area as he tends to lean on vets).  They expect more than results.  One anglo head coach coach got demoted (essentially fired) in the offseason after winning the Stanley Cup as coach!  Tough crowd.  All Green has won as a head coach is a 'participation medal'.

    3. Coconuts


      Seems I was wrong, we've got a coach fired 

    4. Pears


      Yep. If Julien can be fired there’s zero reason Green can’t be for being far worse than him. 

  21. Lol imagine the chaos if Ovechkin gets to free agency?

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    2. canuktravella


       that would be amazing if he came over for 5 yr deal yes please   canuckcapitals


      ovi petey boeser   

      motte  horvat hoglander

      virtanen   miller podkolzin 

      lind  beagle   macewen



       hughes tryamkin (protection)

      juolevi schmidt

       edler   hamonic






    3. canuktravella


      bury eriksson in minors

      buy our roussel and let myers get taken by seattle

    4. J-Dizzle


      We could finally sign that elite right handed winger for the twins!



  22. [Proposal] Jake Virtanen for (insert other struggling players name here)

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    2. J-23


      I mean it makes sense at this point. 

    3. Phil_314


      Only if Loui goes the other way, there's not enough value leaving from our side.

    4. ImConfused


      Virt + Eriksson + 2nd for Jack Hughes?


      Then trade for a high pick and draft Luke Hughes.


      Bam, Hughes triplets. Vancouver dynasty established!

  23. Huh...5 goals and 8 points in 8 games?

    1. GoCanucks16


      samuel morin too experienced

    2. #Canucks


      Vancouver traded Virtanen, Ballard+ Third for Konecny.

    3. Phil_314


      Criticized for his 5 v 5 play apparently.

      Wish we could put together a package and reunite him with his cousin

  24. I really like how the us government declassifed thousands of ufo cases and literally no one cares about it. 

    1. BoKnows


      Paul Hellyer has said some interesting things about Aliens.

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