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  1. If Hughes or Wahlstrom are on the board at 7 I would take either of them before Boqvist, Tkachuk, Dobson or Bouchard. That's an easy decision.
  2. Pettersson & Lind or Vilardi & Heponiemi? The latter combo would've been who Canucksarmy would've taken based on their rankings. Tough call.
  3. To be honest, I am surprised. You fundamentally do not understand PDO. I suggest you really take some time to understand it. And by the way, the smaller the sample size in PDO the more its influence by luck (that's why it regresses over larger sample sizes). That's all I got to say. Good chat though.
  4. Well let's try to figure this out. Gudbranson's career PDO is 98.6 however this year his PDO is 101.6 (which is 3rd highest on the team, 2nd highest on defense). As PDO is more of a proxy for luck than skill, it suggests that Gudbranson, in this respect, is having a "luckier" season. However, and please correct me if I am wrong, your posts seem to indicate that you think he isn't having a lucky season and that his PDO is more skill driven than luck driven?
  5. That's what I thought- you don't understand PDO.
  6. Then can you explain why you used Gudbranson's high PDO this season as a reason to support that he is a good defenseman?
  7. OK. Then I guess you don't understand PDO. No need to respond, I understand you more than I wish did.
  8. OK you must've made a typo then. I'm just looking out for ya.
  9. OK. I don't think you understand PDO.
  10. Why are you using high PDO to support him?
  11. Brandon Reid? He was passed over his first draft eligible season and went in the 7th round after that. I believe he played in the WJC the year he was drafted (18 year old) and the year after.
  12. The numbers try to capture what would be the equivalent production in the NHL. So based on the the .58 figure quoted above. Pettersson so far would have 28 points (SHL) x .58 = 16.24 NHL points in 21 NHL games. It should be noted that NHLe tends to improve in accuracy greatly over larger sample sizes. So it might be better to wait until the end of the SHL season to really look at it. At that point more accurate translation factors should also be available. I would say the value in NHLe isn't its able to predict NHL production but rather it does a decent job in comparing prospects from across non-NHL leagues. It's a decent tool to look at when considering draft prospects.
  13. Are you referring to NHL equivalency points? Rob Vollman had these numbers at the end of last year: Updated translation factors .74 KHL .58 SHL .47 AHL .43 SM-Liiga, Swiss NLA, NCHC .38 H-East .33 Big 10 .30 OHL .29 WHL .25 QMJHL .23 ECAC Take it for what its worth. They change and update all the time.
  14. Making the best of a bad situation. Hopefully we can flip him on deadline for a pick.
  15. Haven't you noticed that about 7 years ago heavyweight enforcers started to disappear from the NHL and over the last 3 years middle weight "enforcers" have followed suit? Haven't you noticed that slow big tough stay at home defenders are less prevalent now? Haven't you noticed that teams' 3rd and 4th liners are starting to have skilled guys rather than grinders and checkers? Almost every team in the NHL knows that skill trumps toughness in today's NHL (and it's not going back). It started with the salary cap which forced teams to really evaluate whether or not those "tough" players were worth their money and now the analytics movement is putting the nail in the coffin for many of those types of players. Every time I hear "team toughness" I cringe because it is the last thing we should be focusing on if we want to win. I know some people love big hits and fights and scrums and that's fine, but what I really care about is winning and to do that we should be focusing on skill. And skill in today's game is comprised of speed, vision, hockey IQ, puck-handling, passing not hitting, fighting, overpowering as it was 20 years ago.
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