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  1. Tryamkin looks good. Although his zone exits have been brutal. He ices the pucks several times a game. I'm sure it is a combination of the smaller ice (compared to Russia) so he shoots it too hard and because he has less time to get rid of it due to the nature of the speed of the NHL. Luckily I don't think it will be a long term issue. He doesn't seem to want to skate the puck out, which is fine, but he has to take a little more time and fine that first outlet pass instead of shooting it hard off the boards Sbisa's style.
  2. I agree he will likely be best utilized in that type of role. I will say that in playoff hockey there are more penalties than in the regular season. But it doesn't seem that way because teams try to get away with more. Thus, despite there being more penalties in playoff hockey the ratio of actual penalties to called penalties is higher (ie refs let more go). Consequently, if there are more PKs it could make Tryamkin more useful.
  3. Whether or not he can be an impact NHLer is all going to come down to how mobile he is - stride, first step, lateral quickness, etc. And, perhaps, just importantly, how fast he can pivot and how good his gap control is. The game is getting faster by the season; there are far fewer big defenders who are slow than there use to be. I would guess that trend will continue. Hopefully his time playing on bigger ice will help to offset the fast speed of the NHL. It would be a tremendous win if he works out.
  4. A lot of Russians tend to say that. Let's see what happens when we get him here, he meets the team, coaches and management. He might be more willing to go to the AHL for a bit. But let's hope he can stick with the Canucks right out of the gate; I'm guessing that he will.
  5. I think Benning is waiting to see his progress this year. If I had to guess now, I would say 50/50 chance that Benning doesn't sign him and just cut ties.
  6. What would Brisebois have to do at the start of next season to get a invite to the Canada WJC selection camp in December? More offense? Better Defence? Speed? Physicality? It is extremely unlikely he makes the team as most D-men are all 19 year olds (draft +2); in fact I think all were last year except Hicketts. Brisebois was the 12th selected Canadian D-man this year so he would need to jump a lot of guys in this years and last years draft just to get a selection camp invite.
  7. Do people still actually think plus/minus is a useful or insightful at all? If people still actually use plus/minus I hope that they know that generally the best players on very bad teams normally have among the worst plus/minus on that team. I don't understand those people who are saying that his numbers aren't good. His numbers are actually fairly good for a third round defenceman when you adjust for age and team quality.
  8. He looks better than Sbisa, at least he's in position to get a shot off.
  9. There is exactly a 0% chance Barzal drops to 20th.
  10. I hope he comes over next year. The AHL will be an easier league for him to play in and develop for the next couple of years.
  11. I hope he stays in the KHL for the full two years. It is better for his development. Positioning and skating speed are his two biggest obstacles in developing into an NHL player. The KHL is a better and faster league than the AHL and it's played on big ice. If he can be a 20 minute D-man on big ice, he will be forced to learn excellent positioning. In turn, this will greatly help him transition to the north american game. That being said, I doubt we will every see him in the NHL. He will make more money in the KHL than he will in the NHL. Especially if he becomes a superstar in the KHL (t
  12. Making 3 million in the NHL is the equivalent to making 1.65 million in the KHL.
  13. We would have to sign him to an entry level contract with would be under 1 million per year. I am not exactly sure what your point about his KHL contract is but if he is making 1.3 million in the KHL it is tax free. Essentially the difference would by having 1.3 million (KHL) vs 565,000 (NHL).
  14. You've really bought into Linden Vey eh?
  15. I would prefer him to play in the KHL for a couple years (and not try to get out of his contract). There is more of an emphasis on skating there because of the big ice. He will not only learn to skate better but also to be better positionally. And then come over play a year in the AHL to get accustomed to NA playing style and then make the jump to the NHL at age 23.
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