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  1. Lolk. Man who cheats on his wife with maid and has a son with said affair is a person of moral compass who people should listen to in regards to lewd comments. Lost it
  2. Lol bunch of cucks. Yes his comments were brash welp, looks like trump likes hot women and talks like most men regarding the deisre to screw said women. Guess thats that. Ill vote for the globalist now. I'm dieing laughing. But the icing was definitely arnold. I love arnold but lets be serious. He has a kid with his maid. His opinion is 0 on this matter. Rather a MAN then a lobbiest for president. Trump2016
  3. Lol srs. Hillary scandal is about Hillary bush scandal is about trump ia that the math you were taught?
  4. So you consider a private businessmans 30 year history while spending private earned money = to public servant spending tax payers money? communist much?
  5. How in heavens name do you think it could be the other way around. CLINTON is a public servant, everything she has done over last 30 years has been as a representative of the USA. Her detractors are pay to pay(clinton foundation), ignoring help as top is diplomat which caused 4 deaths in bengazi and deleting 30,000 emails when requested by fbi. TRUMP is a private businessman who doesnt have share holders, doesn't need to answer to anyone but himself. His detractors are called someone miss piggy 20+ years ago, not paying 'fair share' of taxes (when bill clinton made ma
  6. What news sources count as legitimate? Any that donate to hrc can't be as bias so that leaves no mainstream media. Let me know
  7. Lol at Trump is not a republican. In 1980's reagan wanted trump to run: In an interview with the New York Post, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana revealed that iconic president Ronald Reagan once encouraged Mr. Trump to run for the highest office in the land. Read more: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/ronald-reagan-told-this-republican-candidate-he-should-run-for-president/#ixzz4M83qXcNW note its his ex wife. She wouldn't prop him up if it was not true. At least that is my expectation of an ex. Trump has been open about who he donates to, many times ci
  8. #1 mexicans are citizens of mexico, not a race. Infact the background for most hispanics is caucasian #2 the new yorker has been bashing trump from day 1, not most reputable. However 200,000 fine is bad. But similar to #3, this may not be trump himself but his company Trump International. Here is this, another first hand account. Why would donald believe in polar opposite beliefs?: When Donald opened his club in Palm Beach called Mar-a-Lago, he insisted on accepting Jews and blacks even though other clubs in Palm Beach to this day discriminate against blacks and Jews. The old
  9. Lol typical response. Let me go check the liberal news source for some answers. Ffs tell us what he did that was racist or leave this thread, you spout nonsense.
  10. Tbh as a canucks fan, the refs are to blame more frequently then not. See finals where we get longest suspension ever in finals and sedin gets booted from game for battling in a faceoff dot and chara breaks raymonds back with no call and thomas violently knocking our players over with his blocker and ... just saying your example is crap.
  11. Awesome. Finally someone who has proof trump is racist. Well spit it out...
  12. Lol. The 1% pay like 20% of the total income tax the gov receives. Get a life.
  13. Clearly we don't mean word for word. The blocking of comments to most political topics, one sided articles with a clear forced agenda, 0 intellegence in their articles (see trump didn't pay taxes, 0 mention of depreciation effect on rental income), only meant to gather a following to a specific purpose. But to be fair its not just cbc. Every major media outside of breitbart is on the same line. Immediately everyone has the same article against nationalism or against trump or against his followers. Theres no fact checking. Hillary pushed trump endorsements from kkk yet never show or menti
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